Noel's Earth

Noel's Earth v6b

A huge Earth with accurate starting locations and resources in the size of 128 x 90.

Inside contains 2 maps
1.) Noel's Earth A: 22 Civilizations and 29 City-states, featuring America, Aztec, Brazil and Incas.
2.) Noel's Earth B: 22 Civilizations and 29 City-states, featuring Greece, Poland, Zulus and Korea. (req. Korea DLC)
3.) Noel's Earth C: 22 Civilizations and 29 City-states, featuring Portugal, Venice, Byzantine, Norway, Poland and Austria. (req. G&K and Denmark DLCs)

*Some city-states are renamed to match with accuracy in the locations.
*Accurate resources placement based on facts.
*St. Lawrence, Amazon and Yangtze rivers are represented with navigable water tiles.
*Canal Bridge tile (original from Pontoon Bridge)
*Check option 'Load Scenario' to play with an accurate starting locations.
*Speed is set to STANDARD but if you want to change, this can be done through WorldBuilder in the Scenario Editor tab. Change your game speed then save another copy of this map into your game 'Maps' folder.
*For those who wishes to play this map in a form of 1939 AD scenario, please visit

Map created by Noel
Earth Icon from 'Accurate Earth' by framedarchitecture
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