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Noel's Planetos 2017-01-06

Westeros to Essos with Multiplayer Supports

  1. F4llschirmjager

    Play custom civilization on a huge map that spanned from Westeros to Essos. From the Lands of Always Winter to the city of Qarth. Inside contains 2 map version.

    1. Noel's Planetos: handplaced-accurate resources and Westeros starting location biased.
    2. Noel's Planetos Blank: Blank map that will randomize resources and goodies.

    For a Game of Thrones scenario version, please visit

    Singleplayer Instruction
    - Subscribe/Download and Play

    Multiplayer Instruction
    - Have all players subscribe/download the map and put the map files in \Documents\My Games\Sid Meier's Civilization 5\Maps.

    Feel free to use the map, with credit provides. Enjoy!


    1. blank.jpg
    2. resources.jpg