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Normal AI Economy 3.0

Changing Economic Behavior for Artificial Intelligence

  1. Exletrum
    Returns AI behavior to a stable economy

    This is not a mod! You will need to replace the game files!

    Files from the AI folder move here with replacement (you can save the initial files)
    Sid Meiers Civilization V\Assets\DLC\Expansion2\Gameplay\XML\AI

    Files from the +1 Gold (return rivers with +1 gold..) folder move here with replacement (you can save the initial files)
    \Sid Meiers Civilization V\Assets\DLC\Expansion2\Gameplay\XML\Terrain

    Without changes
    экономика ии.jpg
    I am Russian. The language is consistent.
    Just look at the familiar interface element.
    This screenshot shows that AI revenue is ~ -130 gold per turn

    When it changes
    экономика с советами 2.jpg

    If you have ideas on how to combine with mods on AI (test results show full random) or do you want to discuss this topic I invite you to a discord

    do not pay attention to the "final" version
    I just don’t know how to rename the version.
    I wrote “final” because i did not expect new sudden updates for me

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