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Norse Sailing Ships (Reskins) 2016-10-05

Norse Sailing Ships (Reskins)

  1. JustATourist
    This are reskinned sailing ships for viking units. They are quite simple reskins of the vanilla units, because I want to have them damage stats.

    Included in this pack are: Vinking Caravel (edited Galley), Galleon, Frigate and SotL. For people from the I-have-replaced-the-vikings-with-another-tribe-because-of-historical-accuracy faction I have also added minor reskins for danish and swedish ships. I have chosen to replace the SotL with a Wargalleon, because all pictures of danish and swedish SotLs I have found have more the shape of a Galleon than of a Frigate.

    I suggest the following fScale values in CIV4ArtDefines_Unit.xml for the ships:
    Viking Caravel: 0.2 or 0.21
    Danish and Swedish Caravel: 0.24
    Galleon: 0.2
    Frigate: 0.24
    SotL: 0.24 to 0.26

    You can discuss my Sailing Ship reskins here:
    Sailing Ships Reskins

    If you like to use the units in another mod, which will be released, I'd appreciate, if you give me credits and send me a short PM, so I will get a feedback.


    1. screenv1_Ms3.jpg
    2. screenv2_4B5.jpg