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North Korea (G&K) 2016-10-05

North Korea (G&K)

  1. kingchris20
    Adds the North Korean civilization to the game. This is the modern version of North Korea, and has Kim Jong-un as its supreme leader, with civilopedia entries.

    Unique Ability: (Nuclear Bully) Unit maintenance cost reduced by 33%, Uranium resources doubled. Length of golden ages reduced by 10%.

    Unique Unit: Koksan - Replaces the Artillery. +23 Combat Strength, +30 Ranged Strength, must set up prior to firing.

    Unique Buildings: Juche Tower - Replaces Hermitage. +5 Culture, +50% Culture, provides 1 free social policy.
    Pyongyang Military Academy - Replaces the Military Academy. +15 XP to naval, land, and air units, +1 Culture

    Requires Gods and Kings

    - If you have the Korean DLC installed, this mod changes all referneces from "Korea" to South Korea as well.


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Recent Reviews

  1. Pythoner06
    Version: 2016-10-05
    Well, I love nukes and I love North Korea so... ¡A conquistar camaradas!