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Northeast Asia 2016-10-05

Northeast Asia

  1. Evanescence
    v1.2 [10.5.2011]
    Size: 64 x 56

    A map of northeast Asia, featuring China, Taiwan, Korea and Japan. Mt. Fuji is the only natural wonder in the game. Atolls represent small islands and also provide small bonus to coastal and island cities.

    China has been scaled down slightly against Korea and Japan.

    - Taiwan now has one less mountain tile. If there is no city state on the island, you might actually want to settle it.
    - The map size has been increased by 4 tiles to the north, making it possible to navigate around Hokkaido with naval units should you feel like sightseeing. It also means that there are more room for the barbarians to spawn up north and annoy you.
    - Changjiang(Yangtze) now empties properly into East China Sea.
    - Coastal tiles have been expanded vastly in all areas with undersea terrain taken into consideration. This allows for easier invasion of Korea from Japan in the early times. It also works the other way around too if you happen to be on the other side.

    - Fixed some odd-looking terrains(namely, the river that was discharging into the middle of nowhere in Manchuria).


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