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Norway (Large) 2016-10-05

Norway (Large)

  1. veBear
    Ever wanted that ultimate, challanging total war map for Civ4? Here you go. The ragged coast of Norway consists of deep fjords and steep hills, granting much fish and production.

    Norway (Large)
    - 1 Continent + Many Islands (Many small ones + Some of notable size in Lofoten)
    - Many predefined resources with accurate starting point, but much more plentyful for fast-paced gaming
    - Randomized starting locations (For unique gameplay every time)
    - Large size (9 Civs default)

    Recommendes settings
    - Aggressive AI
    - Raging Barbarians
    - Only Conquest and/or Domination victory allowed
    - About 11 to 15 civs
    This will end in the ultimate war game, where huge navies will be extremely strategically important, functioning as bridges over Fjords that would have taken many many turns to cross otherwise. Rich in resources, this map often ends in a fast-paced battle for domination. Try it!

    As always, anjoy, and do not forget to rate and comment in my thread :king:


    1. norwaymap_6yu.jpg