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Nubian Empire 2016-10-05

Nubian Empire

  1. Optik

    Civilization: Nubian Empire
    Leader: Amanishakheto


    Reign Of The Black Pharaohs

    Military buildings of the Acient Era and Classical Era give slaves

    Unique Unit​

    Ta'Sety (Remplace Archer)
    +1 :c5moves:, +1 :c5rangedstrength:, Free Promo: Sentry​

    Unique Building

    Hafir (Remplace Watermill)
    +10%:c5food: in the city
    +1:c5gold: on yield exploiting Ivory and Gold
    (require fresh water, no gold maintenance)​

    Unit added for the Trait Leader

    Slave: +%:c5production: instantly in the city when sacrified (pop with: Barracks, Armory, Stable)
    (not available in the city and for other civilizations)



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