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Nuke Happy Warmongers 1.76

All Leaders Are Nuke Happy Warmongers

  1. 1.6

    Das Capitolin
    Version 1.6: Massive update to leader agendas, penalties, combat logic, and settlement priority. Leaders will adopt agendas that only promote conflict, which makes them less peaceful. Warmonger penalties have been adjusted to promote retaliatory wars, and reduced penalties for traditional wars. Denouncements and broken promises carry a more severe diplomatic penalty. War weariness has been reduced for all traditional combat actions, but increased for using nuclear devices to prevent nuke spam. ICBM nuclear strikes have twice the normal range. AI will only attack cities when there is a high statistical chance of success, and with greater force. AI will utilize builders and spies more often, build districts more efficiently, and have less emphasis on producing Settlers. Expect frequent wars in early eras when Barbarians are disabled, and fewer wars when they're enabled. AI Civilizations often attack City-States and less-protected cities in later eras.
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