Version 2.23: Minor AI priority tweaks, and refined favor values.
Version 2.22: Adjust Delegation cost. Bind AI granted WMDs to completed technologies.
Version 2.21: Fixed typo bug.
Version 2.21: Fixed typo bug.
Version 2.20: AI receive free WMDs!
Version 2.17: Increase Uranium resource tiles, and expand valid tile types. Optimize prerequisites for Domination Victory type. Not required, but recommend to Re/Start new game for new map.
Version 2.15: Convert mod to fully-SQL driven. Tweak AI favored behavior and diplomacy values.
Version 2.10: AI now receives free Scout at start, free Slingers, free Builders and Trader units, later receiving siege and air units. Improved AI unit maintenance discounts. Updated AI favored behaviors, and improved attack probability. Updated warmonger penalties, and war weariness. Updated WMD cost and maintenance.
Version 2.02: Improve compatibility with other mods.
Version 2.00: Global discount of maintenance costs on select units. Give AI discounted unit costs on certain eras and difficulties. Grant AI free air combat and support unit. Refine values for AiFavoredItems, GlobalParameters, and PseudoYields.
Version 1.91: Increase AI favored value for air units. Reduce maintenance cost for all air units -2 gold.
Version 1.90: Complete module rewrite of Nuke Happy Warmongers into SQL, utilizing tables not previously considered. Entirely new AI behaviors with massive global parameter revision.
Version 1.80: Included many new Strategy Conditions and AI Favored Items into code.
Version 1.77: Added final New Frontier Pass leaders Joao III, Kublai Khan, Lady Trieu, and Teddy Roosevelt Roughrider into mod.
Version 1.76: Added leader Hammurabi into mod. Adjusted load order.
Version 1.75: Added leaders Ambiorix and Basil into mod.
Version 1.74: Set mod to not affect saved games on any game started after this release.
Version 1.73: Includes new leaders Simon Bolivar, Lady Six Sky, and Menelik.
Version 1.72: Resolve database errors and remove extraneous lines of code.
Version 1.71: Improve AI gold stability per turn. Increase AI unit reserve.
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