Numpad Movement 1.0

Allows you to move your units with the numpad keys

  1. sp00n
    Sooo.... here's numpad movement. It allows you to move your units with the numpad keys.

    The following number pad keys are used for movement:
    7 - Northwest
    9 - Northeast
    4 - West
    6 - East
    1 - Southwest
    3 - Southeast

    Additionally the 5 key centers the map on your currently selected unit. Which you might need from time to time, as the map does not automatically follow your unit when you move them with the numpad keys.

    The unit will only make the move if it can reach the adjacent plot in one movement action, and within the current turn. It will not follow a path around an obstacle (i.e. cliffs) or a zone of control, and it will not queue the movement for the next turn (hopefully, this is a bit sketchy).
    Sometimes this will cause a numpad movement to not execute, as the game has decided that the path to an adjacent plot only can go over another, third plot. Also sometimes the map does not show an enemy city or encampment as a valid movement target, although you can actually still attack the plot. The mod tries to recognize such issues (mostly Zone of Control related), and will try to execute the attack anyway.

    Speaking of combat: be careful when you move to a plot where an enemey unit/city/encampment is. You units will immediately initiate combat, and you will have no chance to inspect your combat odds beforehand.
    If you try to move onto a non-enemy plot though, there will be either the regular "Declare Suprise War?" popup, or no action at all, i.e. when you try to move onto a declared friend's unit - which is the default behavior with mouse movement, too.

    This mod should not interfere with any other mods dealing with key binds (e.g. the excellent Hotkeys!), except of course if they already use some action with the num pad keys themselves. I have no idea what will happen in this case.

    If you encounter any bugs, let me know in the discussion thread, and if possible provide your save game as well. I tried to test as best as I could, but I assume there are still a couple of special cases where I didn't catch all eventualities.

    Have fun!
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