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OCC Always War 2019-09-26

This is a fun take for an OCC Always War it's kind of like 300, where there is only one way in one way out. Start parking warriors, archers, axes on the forested hill and start watching the Great Generals coming.

Now let's talk about the map. It's an Unrestricted Leaders Map featuring your wonderful leader Augustus Caesar of Japan

Augustus is imperialistic and industrious, a diverse trait combo that allows for a great deal of applications. IMP means much faster settlers, which is handy in the crucial initial expansion phase of the game, particularly lending itself to easy 2-pop settler whips and also allowing for cheaper city liberations/gifts in case you need to appease a crazy warmonger like Monty nearby. On the flip side, rapid GG generation allows things like extremely early supermedics, settling one in your city to get easy level 2 units, or even attaching one to some early rushers (cough cough praets) to get 4 or 5 CR3 juggernauts to plow through axes and archers. IND, on the other hand, is insanely useful for both building critical game-changing wonders, and for failgolding. And it helps make whips for one of the most important buildings in the game - forges - far easier.

Game settings:
Playing as:
Augustus Caesar Of Japan
Rivals: 6 AIs
Difficulty: Your Choice
Starting Era:
Speed: Normal
Options: One City Challenge,No Events,Always War,No Tech Trading,No Barbarians,Aggressive Ai
Victory Conditions: All enabled

Map settings:
Island Sea
World Wrap: None
Mapsize: Standard
Climate: Temperate
Sea level: Medium

Other AI's in the game:

Boudicca of Spain
Genghis Khan of Rome
Hammurabi of Inca
Montezuma of America
Shaka of Viking
Tokugawa of Carthage

The map has you locked in where there is only one way in and one way out. Get a few warriors, archers and axes on a wooded hill and having Gorilla III and Hill III, also get The Great Wall and watch the Great Generals role in. It is loaded with every resource available in the game, except coastal, with hills to floodplains and with every win option you could even go for space. Lots and lots of fun with this scenario.
for some reason my Photobucket is in allowing me to share the pictures, but I have included the pictures of the thumbnails that link it to my Photobucket. Have fun

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