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Ogre, Stoneskin 2016-10-05

Ogre, Stoneskin

  1. seZereth

    This is the Stoneskin Ogre for the awesome Fall from Heaven II Mod
    I share it herewith, but if you use it, credit me, because this unit was modelled and painted with passion.

    Spoiler :

    Ogres have tremendous regenerative ability and a very high tolerance for pain. Long lived ogres will typically be covered in scars, but these old wounds give them a thick layer of calluses, further reducing their susceptibility to pain. Their reflexes tend to be dulled somewhat, but killing a Stone-skin ogre is a tremendously difficult task. Even wounding one is rare, and is not recommended without a great withdrawal rate.

    Strategy Text

    Spoiler :
    Stoneskin ogres are ideal for protecting your softer units, like shaman or mages.