A WW2 Eastern Front scenario for Civilization 1 created by @hannurabi .

Zip contents:
CIVIL0.MAP - CivDOS save file
CIVIL0.SVE - CivDOS save file
S_OpBarb.sav - CivWin save file

Scenario converted to Civilization for Windows using MountainMn10's CivCracker and repacked in 7zip by Blake. Respective files successfully tested in CivDOS & CivWin. Recommend CivWin users try the scenario with Honza's CivWin DOS graphics mod and Blake's CivWin Soundtrack Overhaul mod.

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Authors notes and rules:
This is scenario I have wanted to create for so long as it has been possible to create scenarios to CivDOS. And here it finally is.:) The Eastern Front 1941 war scenario.

Although I'm still going to improve the quality of this scenario I want set up a small competition/challenge for all of those who enjoy big wars in civ. Winner of this competition is the player who manages to capture/destroy all USSR cities in shortest amount of turns.

Rules of combat:
No cheating is preferred. But if you must cheat please tell what cheats you used.
Not allowed to enter diplomacy screen with Stalin.

Some information about scenario.
Water units and diplomats are disabled in this scenario
If you see a battleship inside a fortress, it's a bunker (0A,12D,0M)
Cannon is renamed to gun. It represents artillery pieces, before you research robotics.
Railroads are cut in small pieces, to make logistics harder.Of course you can complete railroads with settlers if you want.
Research is quite difficult, but you will want to get Artilleries and Mech.Infantries asap.
Emperor level
Stalingrad has Cure of Cancer wonder, Moscow has J.S.Bach and Leningrad has Womens Suffrage. Wonders represents the psychological importance of those cities.

I still haven't playtested this scenario too much and I'm not even sure if it's possible to win...but let's see. Later I will also create scenario on Russian side of this war.

Demonstration Video:
You can see me load up this scenario at the 29:56 mark in this Civilization 1 in HD tour video.

Scenario in CivWin with Honza's DOS graphics mod


Scenario in CivWin with vanilla graphics

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