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Orbis modmod for FfH - patch 0.24 P 2016-10-05

Orbis modmod for FfH - patch 0.24 P

  1. Ahwaric
    Patch for Orbis modmod - version 0.24 P
    Requires Orbis 024 i.

    Unfortunatelly, I can't post exe files, so you have to unzip the exe file first. Then it should be easy.

    Please RUN ONE GAME IN PLAY NOW MODE TO CLEAR GAME OPTIONS(you do not have to play it, just start one)

    0.24 P (breaks saves :()
    Patch O had wrong CvGameCoreDLL.dll (and source files) in it - fixed, all changes from O should work now

    0.24 O (breaks saves)
    Siege mage promotion independent of any unit preset abilities (behind-the-scenes change, but archmages with just barrage will no longer do collateral damage)
    Bambur no longer has channeling I - no learning of new spells
    Enabled duskwood weapons and flaming arrows for horse archers (including ranged uniques). Dragoons get corned powder instead
    Expanded list of units that can get corned powder promotion - now includes proper uniques and gunpowder heroes
    Corned powder requires blasting powder tech now
    Duskwood weapons, corned powder & flaming arrows will now require validation (will be removed from units that can't get them)
    Nexus will be shared by other team members
    Rally is castable
    Unholy taint will now be applied to adept units
    reduced unholy taint combat penalty to -10%
    disabled upgrade to ogre
    Haste will now affect non-alive units (but not siege weapons & ships)
    Infect requires body 1 (cosmetic change)
    Replenish requires body 2 (cosmetic change)
    Untiring flesh now grants blitz and +1 death combat
    Upgrading unit will under no circumstances give gold - free upgrade is the best you can get
    Enchanted blade avaliable to mounted & recon units. No longer validated (so warriors upgraded to archers will keep it - why not?)
    Flesh golems can't get subdue promotions
    Barbarians will no longer rob graves
    No more multiple Deciuses (Decii?) in scenarios
    City feud arson should not destroy palaces any more
    Sect of flies now properly replaces heavy infantry for infernal civ
    Units trained at the academy can't train again
    Disabled Basium summoning for Illians & Infernals
    Pyre of Seraphic does not produce fire mana unless explored
    Water walking promotion is permanent, but spell sets its duration to 1 (so innate is permanant but from spell it will expire after 1 turn)
    Enhanced spell promotion duration setting - will overwrite only non-permanent or shorter duration effects
    Fireball & meteor units removed
    Fireball & breathe fire spells now work as pillar of fire does, but have range 1 and different strength (fireball 25-50% damage, breathe fire 40-75%)
    Priests of agroun can now upgrade to miquitzli (provided the player has evil alignment)
    Workshops have the same prerequirements to be build as in BtS save for the food
    Increased pillage gold from workshop and mills
    Added sandworm unit - animals only, can only enter desert, burning sands & fields of perdition, can't enter flood plains (partially from RifE)
    Changed some leader list colors
    Fixed some bugs with into the desert scenario (both versions)
    Fixed crusade not blocking building settlers & workers properly
    Adeptus now replaces adept (cosmetic change)
    Fixed crashes induced by unique disciples, priests & high priests (unitclass not having default unit) - will fix Mechanos & scions CtD, possibly more.
    Grigori medic renamed to surgeon
    Reduced Dragon's Hoard culture output to 3

    Tech related
    Added Crop Rotation tech - requires monasticism and calendar
    Three-field order guild requires crop rotation
    Added plow tech - req animal husbandry & agriculture
    Festivals now require ancient chants & calendar
    Enginering corps requires engineering
    Market & exchange moved to plow

    Farms now get additional with crop rotation, sanitation bonus moved to plough
    Lumbermill - removed bonus from machinery tech (so total yield of forest with fully upgraded lumbermill just 1 more than of fully upgraded quarry/workshop)
    Windmill - removed extra from machinery (so fully upgraded has exactly the same yields as watermill, but watermill can be build in features without removing them, including ancient forest - is watermill too powerfull?)
    Moved watermill, windmill & workshop bonuses to mercantilism
    Yurt now produces 1 , aul 1 2 . Both get +1 from horseback riding and +1 for hippus. Requires base yield of the tile to be at least 1 (so buildable for everyone on plains, grass & tundra, on deserts for malakim and on ice for illians and doviello)
    Aduar now yields 1 food, 1 hammer, 2 commerce, +2 commerce from trade
    Malakim get 1 1 from every desert tile (1 hammers 1 commerce from desert hills)
    workshop requires bronze working

    0.24 N (unreleased, breaks saves)
    Adventurer spawning changed to RifE method - thanks Valkrionn!!! :)
    Some minor adjustments to awakened spawning
    Korrina will now get recovering promotion if she had undying promotion while killed. After one turn it will be replaced by undying again.
    Forest will no longer be removed from starting locations - forest is good in orbis (commerce bonus from rivers and can chop early)
    Some city art fixes

    Modders: promotions order rearranged, added 0 to minlevel if none (info for easy updating, apart from that only changes listed in the changelog: decius, undying, sheaut stone promotions, added recovering)

    The following added to updated version of patch m (to allow continuing games):
    Decius no longer requires lvl 2 unit to join it (affects scenarios)
    Sheut stone now requires sheut stone resource & necromancy, will be gained for free by most unitcombats (save for ships and spies). Once resource is gone, so is the promotion
    Should no longer see on units promotions that should not be avaliable
    City where infernals spawn will now be renamed to Dis and gets free forge, training yard & gate of agares
    Fixed python error on city conquest
    Only first scion city will get free population

    0.24 M (does not break saves)
    Added changed animal peace icon I forgot in L (matches new animal flag)
    Scions will now get population 2 in every new settled city, should no longer cause OOS
    Infernals do not get free buildings in conquered cities
    Infernals only get training yard and forge in settled cities
    Demonic citizens are in all cities owned by infrnals (provided by infernal palace)
    Gate of Agares (Infernal unique pagan temple) now grants ability to airlift - stacks with obsidian gate
    AV spreading/Order removal moved to city acquired and kept python function - should allow rising AC with infernals by razing cities once more. Please let me know if it causes OOS
    Fixed ancient burial event - will no longer trigger in cities, removal will not give negative food (just + 2 :commerce: and hill gone), added info on the consequences (amount of gold and that there is a chance to spawn skeleton - but the exact chances are not disclosed, also I intentionally omitted that the skeleton is not held if you loot his grave ;) )
    Heal can now be casted if target is withered but not hurt (broken by 24L)
    Healing salve/potion can be used if any of harmfull effects removed by it (disease etc) is on unit
    Water walking will now expire after 1 turns. Can be autocasted
    Siege engines can no longer water walk
    All spells with 100% expire chance in L now expire after one turn (cosmetic change only, for display and simplicity)
    Updated treeshape art
    Changed Khazad flag background to imperial purple
    No longer possible to choose leader promotions (general & totems) as a free promotions (i.e. from shrine of the champion)
    Great general promotion (and joining) no longer requires unit to be lvl 2 - no longer needed (and it is better this way in Decius scenarios)
    Empty villages should now be properly announced & removed
    Merged in the most recent version of unoffical patch (1.30). Too many fixes to list them all, but it includes fix to building bonus health from events. Also, discovering new resources should now scale with gamespeed.
    All siege mage air/collateral combat bonuses now granted by promotion - will transfer to archmages when upgraded (including uniques)
    Archmage no longer has collateral damage on his own, needs to get rigth promotions (siege mage or barrage)
    Changed scions worldspell: Dark Council replaced by The Breach (adopted from FF)
    Added In The Bright Land story arc to pedia (Scions, from FF)
    Guardian of Nature now also gains happines from deep jungle
    Reduced castle influence radius to 1 tile range - was limiting city founding a bit too much.
    Some other art changes.

    Modders: promotionduration fixed (base from promotion and modified from spell)

    0.24L (breaks saves)

    Sidar will now get correct bonuses from great merchant & scientist
    Updated some more great commander references (splintered court scenario, some events, mimic ability)
    Mimics won't steal totems, channeling 1,2,3 & divine 1,2 any more
    Flesh golmes will not get animal totems & great generals any more
    Flesh golems will not get invalid promotions (horselord etc.)
    Golems are unable to get channeling 1,2,3 & divine 1,2
    Fixed an error in hell refugees event
    Gargoyles no longer have ranged attack & collateral damage
    Changed colours and flags of some civs (a tiny signal of what is coming with 0.30)
    Added Sephi's fix to city AI (stealing plots)
    Introduced some chaos regarding improvements :mischief: (rebalancing & reverting some recent changes):
    • cottages & hamlets are back to 1 & 2 :commerce:, village & town loose 1 :hammers: (towns & enclaves still get bonus :hammers: from guilds)
    • Enclave reduced by 1 :food:
    • reduced time required to upgrade cottages (6 turns instead of 10) and hamlets (10 instead of 20). Still halved by republic
    • Vassalage no longer grants +1 :commerce: from farms
    • Keep yields 1 :hammers: 1 :commerce:, castle 1 :hammers: 2 :commerce:
    • Vassalage grants extra 1 :hammers: 1 :commerce: from keep and 1 :food: 1 :hammers: 1 :commerce: from castle
    • Fort is acting like a city (so can harvest resources)
    Hillgiant steading after exploring turns to keep and can be claimed
    Castle will upgrade to hillgiant steading if in barbarian territory
    Deception, Honor & Printing Press can't be poped out of goody huts
    Advanced game lair creation should now only create lairs valid for the terrain (no more lizard ruins on snow)
    Included griffin nests in possible lair creation results
    Treasure chest can now only be opened once
    Fixed second option in orphaned goblin event (unit promoted to orcish works now)
    Fixed some issues with duskwood (forester & lumbetmill yields, displaying resource when improved with forester's lodge)
    Animals will now gain techs at a slower rate (same as orcs) - should limit griffon spawning
    Promotions requiring xp that require validation no longer valid after unit upgrade will be refunded (can take another one) - adopted Moongoose's fix
    Hardy 1,2,3 and Skilled 1,2,3 require validation (so will no longer be kept by beastmen after upgrade from worker - instead, you can choose proper promotions)
    Exploring lairs will no longer replace great general promotion with adventurer one(immune to adventurer)
    Breeding & prospecting adventurer promotion gain chance reduced
    Reduced trolls caves trolls spawning cap from 3 to 2 per troll cave at once
    Included promotions requiring bonus in calculating that bonus value for the AI (so it will not give duskwood for free)
    Knightly Orders are lost if unit becomes anything but mounted or melee unit (but still only mounted units can get it)
    War Mount promotion is lost if unit becomes anything but paladin, eidolon, immortal or royal guard (including uniques) - and all these units can purchase it
    Praetorian (scion unique royal guard) is now melee unit
    Royal guard can upgrade to paladin and immortal
    Added trollkin (troll racial promotion) +25% heal everywhere, can heal while moving
    Lycanthropy is lost (and refunded) if unit turns to anything but recon or melee
    Some minor changes to doviello lycanthropy
    Druids (including dwarven) are allowed to learn subdue beasts
    Shapechanging can now be learned by any disciple, adept, melee, recon & worker unit that has subdue animal and channeling I or druidic promotions (I know, it is hard to fulfill)
    Expanded shapechanged artstyle (it should be quite rare for a unit to be shapechanged but do not look so)
    Poisoned & burrs are now removed by cure disease, not heal (heal was overpowered, well, still is)
    Removed field version of purify, fixed what effects it can cure.
    Water walking now affects all units on tile, but has 25% expire chance (So you better run...) Will change that to set number of turns once I fix that option.
    Mahala gains expansive trait

    Rewritten remove/add promotion spell tag - now unlimited length instead of just 3.