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Orbis patch 1.0b 2016-10-05

Orbis patch 1.0b

  1. Ahwaric
    Patch for Orbis mod - version 1.0 b

    Unfortunatelly, I can't post exe files, so you have to unzip the exe file first. Then it should be easy.

    1.0 b (breaks saves)
    Priest of hand no longer can cast snowfall
    Unfortunate spy event ratcatcher option no longer says it will be immobilized for 16 turns
    Removed ice 1-3 from Lysara (not really needed)
    Fixed (hopefully) crash during lair exploration caused by great scorpions
    Expanded & adjusted bigbad lair exploration results
    Fixed barnaxus promotion mouseover art
    Fixed warehouse art
    Bought uniforms (and beards) for the rest of Kuriotate archers
    Fixed Dao worldspell - should work properly now
    Added Kalina's pedia entries for Standing Stones, Gate to Underdark & Tower of Eyes (sorry for the delay...)
    Changed universalism no temple requirement info
    Fixed some icons
    Sohei requires neutral alignment now
    Expanded galley cargo space to 2
    Expanded cog, holk & drakkar cargo to 3
    Removed cargo capacity from arcane barque, privateer (including lanun version), windrider, frigate, black wind
    removed crews
    Initial chance for dao elemental summoning reduced to 1.2% per elemental. Still tripled by appropiate shrine.
    At commune with nature (should it be different tech?) elder elementals are spawned instead
    elemental unity will only heal up to 30 % of damage at once
    Banker can now remove guilds from the city (except vivaldi & mercenaries), granting 10 gold. Usable only in borders, AI can't use it (so it does not hurt itself)
    Bazaar of mammon removes vivaldi branch from the city (and prevents building it - vivaldi and stewards do not go well together)
    Vivaldi headquarters removes & prevents building of Bazaar of Mammon
    Hardy II & III now give +1 defense strenght & +20% withdrawal
    Fixed crashes caused by broken Buboes & Ars spawning (and Gurid in barbarian assault scenario)
    increased blessing of weles vodnik spawn chance to 25%
    vodnik moved to engineering (cosmetic chance, no mechanics impact)
    new pedia entries by Kalina & wauthan
    Raoitlor is no longer agnostic
    lancers no longer start with dwarven
    social order will now correctly enable an option to deal with dissent event
    Lysara starts with hero
    Palisade cost reduced to 1/3
    Siege mage, wizard, alcinus now use standard grenadier animation (should fix combat crash)
    added workers combat animation by warkirby
    River port no longer grants +1 :commerce: per river tile. Instead grants 1 extra trade route, cost reduced to 90 :hammers:

    1.0 a (does not break saves)
    Fixed bug that caused crash on XP machines (thanks Xienwolf!)
    AI can now play as Dao & Palatinate
    Dao will now properly spawn elementals
    air & water elementals can't enter ocean (elders still can), earth elementals can climb peaks
    Fixed some bugs/rebalanced Dao & Palatinate wordspells and added help texts
    New Dao & Palatinate leaders have proper defeat quotes
    fixed some broken text links
    Fixed adept art
    Fixed vampire art
    Fixed plenty of icons (had broken links)
    Spell automate (sanctify...) will no longer appear on units that can't cast it
    Great Prophets will now be able to construct the heart of winter (The White Hand shrine)
    Dao & Palatinate palaces grant palace guardian promotion as they should
    Mechanos can build thopter & copter
    Kelleigh the frostmaiden is now buildable directly
    Old Ones no longer increase AC when founded
    New Poludnica art (golshan art from Kohan II imported by Deliverator)
    Removed found mercenary guild spell
    Colosseum renamed to amphitheatre (there is just one Colosseum, in Rome, the building type is called amphitheatre - I know, I am a purist ;)... or rather my fiance is... well, to be even more puristic, Colosseum's proper name is Amphitheatrum Flavium)
    Vodnik starts with water 1 & 2
    Added help text for Poludnica, Vodnik and their spells
    Increased poludnica spawning chance
    Walls defender, garrison & wagenburg promotions effects are more simmilar now
    Raubritter now also requires stirrups
    Slavery now requires masonry instead of way of the wicked
    Council of Esus as state religion now grants additional +20% :gold: in every city (on top of + 50% :espionage: it already gives)
    Spells that remove promotions will now be properly castable (i.e. return to human form, shapechanger version will be castable in bearshape, treeshape & stoneshape, not just wolf one)
    Added found temple of the hand spell to the priest of the hand
    Fixed lair exploration grayed out for bannor
    The frostmaiden strats with Ice I, II & III. And her name is Lysara...
    Reduced aul yield by 1 :commerce:
    Wyvern guardians can now upgrade to high priests of OO
    Spearman get +20% and pikeman (including uniques) +30% vs beasts
    Landsknecht get +20% vs mounted, Greatsword +20% attack vs pikemen
    Adjusted favourite improvements & wonders of the new leaders


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