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Orbital Defense Pack 2016-10-05

Orbital Defense Pack

  1. Premier Valle
    This pack contains three models, all designed and made by me. These are for the Babylon 5 mod (Final Frontier), but feel free to use them, just give proper credit.

    The ODSat (Orbital Defense Satellite) are meant to be unmaned satellites for System Defense, but the ODP (Orbital Defense Platform) is more like a small space station, its a crewed facility and has the capability to deploy fighters.

    These models have been designed to be generic, and as such they are all teamcolored.

    The ODP uses a customized FF cruiser animation, I have included the animation file in this download, but just to let you know, this animation is also included in the Babylon 5 Ship Pack 11.

    I hope you like them.


    Premier Valle


    1. odsat_ingame1_d7u.jpg
    2. odsat_mid_ingame1_CK6.jpg
    3. odplatform_late_ingame1_G32.jpg