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Orc Axeman (Warhammer) 2016-10-05

Orc Axeman (Warhammer)

  1. Civitar
    Warhammer-style Orc Axeman converted from Civilization IV! My first conversion, uses Berserker animations. The original is by seZereth (body), Ploeperpengel(composition and upload) and Rabbit, White (head). Huge thanks to Deliverator, Ekmek, and Wolfdog for all their help with my still-failing elf archer that led to this. He will be used in my Warhammer Fantasy Battles mod and I certainly hope someone else can use him.


    1. orcaxemanmodel_ZPk.png
    2. orcaxemanfight_r8l.png
    3. orcaxemanfortify_JY3.png
    4. orcaxemanattack_Xwl.png