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Orc Paladin for FFH2 2016-10-05

Orc Paladin for FFH2

  1. MrUnderhill
    Orc Paladin for Fall From Heaven 2
    By Mr.Underhill

    I always wondered what would happen if the Clan of Embers ever followed the Order, and after a prompt from the FFH Art thread, I decided to come up with this. Now, granted, you won't see it in many games (the Clan is an evil civ after all, and paladins can only be built by good civs), but I thought it'd be nice for those who like to mess with the stereotypical idea of orcs.

    This package includes the model and a module that will add it to the game. If you already have modular loading enabled for another mod, just drag-n-drop the files into your assets folder and start up the game. To enable modular loading in FFH, open up your Fall From Heaven INI in a text editor (notepad is just fine) and change the ModularLoading value to 1. If you're using Fall Further, you'll want to edit that one instead, the same way as for vanilla FFH.

    Model Details:
    Orc Paladin
    Art/Units/Civs/Clan of Embers/paladin/Orc_Paladin.nif
    No teamcolor available.
    Uses swordsman animations.

    Thanks to seZereth and Chugginator for making the original paladin and uruk-hai models (respectively) on which this one is based. Also thanks to whoever adapted the Hyborem model to Civ4, as I from the axe from it for this model as well.


    1. render_e7s.jpg