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Orc Series - Tan Skinned 2016-10-05

Orc Series - Tan Skinned

  1. Nomad or What
    Tan-skinned version of Orc series: warrior, axeman, swordsman, longswordsman, maceman, champion, berserker, warg rider, worker, slave, and slaver. New skins will be added as they are completed, so check for updates periodically. Art only; for ArtDefines, download the corresponding Orc unit from the original Discussion Thread.


    1. orc_berserker_t_qTS.jpg
    2. orc_champion_t_y39.jpg
    3. orc_longswordsman_t_nAr.jpg
    4. orc_maceman_t_4Od.jpg
    5. orc_swordsman_t_om9.jpg
    6. orc_axeman_t_5Mf.jpg
    7. orc_warrior_t_SE1.jpg
    8. orc_wargrider_t_aY1.jpg
    9. orc_worker_t_5Qv.jpg
    10. orc_slaver_t_Glm.jpg
    11. orc_slave_t_g59.jpg