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Original Dadais Expanded MOD

Original Dadais Expanded MOD 2.0

This mod feature an expansion of the classic gameplay of civ2.

More unit type, stat friendly to previous gameplay and some of them specific to civs, the ability to upgrade them for money, unit powers and related bonuses in battle ...
Battle reworked with limited rounds, bombing battles, heavy bombing altering improvements and all units on tile...
Guerilla, shore defense bombardment against sea, sol to air or interception abilities auto generated...
Spoiler new units tree :

Also, urbanisation evolution of lands at the cost of workers, natural ports to exploit for trade or to blockade for gold, slavery risk of revolt until slavery ban, factories strike risk until labor union technology, empire influence fading over miles igniting risk of independance claims, colony/tributary status for far cities, and restrictions on horses or elephant access, per exemple.

The aim is to allow you to play on a prebuilt earth map or have it played in custom maps too.


You may also play two gifted simple scenarii which I hope offer a little difficulty to first apprehend some features.
"Rome300bc" displays the roman expansion facing Carthage and the old greek and celtic worlds :

"wwi" displays the launch of the first world war, centered on Europe

Have fun, and please post your reviews in the forum's thread.
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