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Orion's Grand Inquisitions Mod Version 4.03

Orion's Grand Inquisitions Mod

  1. OrionVeteran
    Orion's Grand Inquisitions 4.03 for BTS 3.19

    Get it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1rS_L1curzd93KjwtUa2zcZzAK-1THYPk

    Announcing the definitive mod for Civilization 4 Beyond the Sword (BTS 3.19): Orion's Grand Inquisition Mod (OGI) is the result of 10 years of continuous improvement. OGI is an epic mod designed to provide a rich variety of strategic choice and enjoyment for all. Take the crusade and enjoy what we think is the best BTS mod available today.


    What's in OGI 4.x?

    Spoiler :

    1. Multiple Traits: Have you ever wanted more than two traits? OGI allows you to discover a new trait in every age! There are 7 (National) Mystery Wonders, which provide you with an additional trait of your choice. The default 2 traits + 7 Mystery traits = 9 total traits you will have after building the last mystery wonder in the future age. The Mystery Wonders are unique to Civ4 and found only in OGI. If you don't bother to build these national wonders, you will just get pile derived by the AI, because the AI is certainly going to build them.

    2. Mine Warfare: Have you ever wanted an area denial weapon to stop enemy spies from crossing your border and infiltrating your cities? Now you can protect your empire from invaders by distributing land and sea mines. There are 3 types of mines: a standard mine, a mine field (promotion) and a nuclear mine (promotion). The mine unit has the capability to damage or destroy one or more units, depending upon what promotion it has. Once the capability to make mines is achieved, it will not be unusual to hear multiple mines exploding on several different plots in a single turn. Mine Warfare has been painstakingly converted to SDK and is now a unique capability found only in OGI.

    3. Combined Forces: Are you tired of wasting gold in an endless succession of expensive upgrades to keep your units combat viable? Now you can combine old obsolete units into a single and more powerful unit that will truly be a force to be reckoned with. You can combine units to create an Army (Land Units), a Fleet (Naval Units), a Tactical Air Force (Fighter Units), a Strategic Air Force (Bomber Units) and an Air Assault Brigade (Helicopter Units). The AI just loves to build these powerful units. Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Arms Race.

    4. Plant Crops: Have you ever wished that your workers could plant crops around cities that needed more food? OGI has been expanded to allow planting of Apples, Bananas, Lemons, Olives, Oranges, and a Vineyard, in addition to Corn, Wheat and Rice.

    5. Breed Animals: Have you ever wanted more farm animals to help your cities grow? OGI now provides you with the capability to breed Pigs, Sheep and Cattle.

    6. Siege Tower: Have you ever wanted to use a real siege tower unit to attack the defenses of an enemy city? The Siege Tower is designed specifically to remove defensive walls or a castle. Taking a city becomes much easier once the city defenses have been removed by the Siege Tower. There are a variety of other siege weapons that are also introduced in OGI.

    7. Limited Religions: Have you ever wanted to limit the founding of religions to only one religion per player? A game option is available for limited religions.

    8. Inquisitions: Have you ever wanted to remove non-state religions and buildings? The Inquisitor unit can help you achieve a religious victory.

    9. Immigrant: Stiffled by rising unrest and poorly growing cities. The immigrant mod allows you to move dissatisfied citizens to your under populated cities, rapidly growing them up to size 7. Not to worry, the AI has been programmed to fully take advantage of this new capability, allowing your opponents to expand their empires even faster.

    10. Ice Breaker: Pissed off that your opponent is hiding behind the protection of impassable ice? Break a path and land your armies at his back door with the icebreaker. If you are not a war monger, use the ice breaker to open up shipping lanes and explore what could not be explored before. Don't worry, you can always use the path the AI opens with its ice breakers.

    11. Plot Changes:

    a. Terraforming: Don't worry about the AI giving you an unsuitible starting location. Build hills or turn desert and tundra into grassland, build your empire the way you want it. No longer are you subject to the whims of the civilization game engine, when it builds a map.

    b. Mountains: Have you ever wanted to use mountain plots? Mountains are no longer impassible and can be developed with roads and mines. Mountains have 3 hammers, while hills have 2 hammers. Mining a resource, like gold, on a mountain plot provides even more hammers and money.

    c. Volcano feature: Watch out for volcanoes. An eruption of a random volcano will occur ever 40 turns. The eruption has the potential of removing a building from any city that is within 3 plots of the volcano. You will notice a smoke effect emanating from the top of some of the volcanoes.

    d. Marsh: A new marsh terrain has been added. Marsh plots are often seen with the swamp feature, which acts as a source of water.

    e. Scrub: The scrub feature can be found on plots with plains or desert. It adds a distinctive look to the map.

    f. Flood Plains: Vanilla Civ4 has the flood plain feature only available to desert plots. OGI makes the flood plain feature also available on grassland and plains.

    12. Game Options: There are 21 new game options that allow you to customize OGI to play a game with your preferences.

    13. Dales Combat Mod (DCM): OGI includes a modified version of DCM.

    a. Ranged Bombardment: Have you ever wished you could have ranged bombardment capability for more units? OGI Includes a rich variety of units that have this essential capability from DCM.

    b. Air Bombing: Do your Air units seem boring. Bomb your enemy into submission with several new bombing missions.

    c. Oportunity Fire: Opportunity Fire allows fortified bombard capable units (such as artillery) to automatically barrage enemy units, which close on the position. Its a free pot shot.

    d. Active Defense: Active Defense allows patrolling fighters to engage enemy troops closing on them. This includes fighters on patrol in any location (city, carrier, etc).

    14. Sea Bridges: Ever wanted to build a bridge to allow land units to cross over water to an island, without having to use a transport? OGI provides workboats with the capability of building bridges over water. All land units can use the bridge after it is built.

    15. Elimination of Python Callbacks: All Python callbacks have been migrated over to the SDK. Thus, the performance hits of the past have been removed from OGI 4.0.

    16. New barbarians units: There is a rich variety of new barbarian units to come after you in the early game. Some of the more interesting units are:

    a. The King Cobra: If you see a King Cobra, run away. They are deadliest of all the land barbarians.

    b. The Scorpion: The scorpion sting has the capability to poison a unit.

    c. The Salt water Crocodile: There is a new barbarian unit out there unlike any other water unit. The Salt water Crocodile will come on land if he is hungry.

    d. The Kraken: Any saling ship that ventures into waters, where the Kraken lives, will likely become fish bait. They are deadliest of all the barbarians at sea.

    e. Hornets: Avoid the swarm of hornets! They don't like units that get too close and will attack.

    f. The Storm: There will be storm clouds to bar your way. You might even run into a tornado or a water spout. If you run into a storm, you may be delayed and have to heal a couple of rounds before you can be on your way.

    g. The Tropical Cyclone: This is now the most dangerous hazard in the water. Many a ship will be lost a sea when they encounter a Tropical Cyclone.

    16. New Resources: OGI adds a large variety of at least 20 new resources to BTS. Build up your empire economy by developing all the resources you can get.

    17. New Wonders: There are 25 new national wonders and 37 new world Wonders. Many are unique and only found in OGI.

    18. New Units: Again there are many new units that can only be found in OGI. Choose from a huge diversified selection of Air, land and sea units. There are 32 new aircraft added to fight the air war, 43 new naval units added to control the oceans and 8 new tanks to take control over disputed territory and cities. There are also 3 Assasin units to pick off enemy units and the Flame thrower is a late game unit that allows you to barbeque enemy units.

    19. New Super Techs: Disappointed in civ4's future tech that does absolutely nothing for you? You worked the entire game to build up your research capability and for what? ...to spend it on a useless worthless tech. Introducing the future of technology. 25 new techs in 5 new catagories requiring vast somes of research to obtain, producing game changing results. You can boost your food production, industrial production speed, spying, money and research. GENETIC AGRONOMY allows your cities to have massive populations. ROBOTIC INDUSTRIALISM shortens your city production build times. UBIQUITOUS SURVEILLANCE dramatically boosts your spying abilities. HEIGHTENED INTELLIGENCE increases your ability to research the remaining super techs faster. UNIVERSAL COMMERCE will provide you with more money than you will ever need.

    20. Enhanced Specialists: Have you ever wanted the attributes of your specialists to more accurately match their specialty? The doctor and great doctor now add health instead of food. The The Artist and Great Artist now add happiness. The default sum Values for all city specialists (except the Citizen, and Great General) has been standardized to be 7.

    21. CIVICS: Have you ever wanted Civics with attributes that reflect realism and historical accuracy? The standard BTS Civics in OGI have been completely overhauled. There are now a total of 57 civics to choose from, which will make the spiritual leader trait far more important and useful than it ever was before. There will be 7 major subject categories, each with at least 8 individual civics. Some of the new civics will include the bullion economy, organized labor and Religious law. There will be one set of civics that will focus on the different aspects of empire mobilization and another set for spying. Each individual civic has positive and negative aspects that provide game balance like never before. Do you want this at the expense of that, is the question to be answered every time you change civics.

    22. Specialists: Have you ever wanted specialists that can add food and happiness? Introducing the Farmer and the Entertainer specialists. Of course there are great farmers and entertainers. New life has been given to the specialist economy, which is now far more useful and flexible. Good thing too, because you could find some of your AI buddies having several cities with a population size of 100.

    23. World Builder: Have you ever wanted to change some of the custom game options after starting a new game? The capability now exists to change any of the custom game options at any time during a game, which is extremely useful for troubleshooting any problems that may arise.

    24. New Wonders: There are many new wonders: Examples: The Mona Lisa, The Louve, The Theory of Evolution and Sutro Tower. Many more.

    25. Terrain: The attributes for the Marsh terrain have been changed to a default of 1 food and 1 Commerce. The change from 1 hammer to 1 commerce provides a clear distinction from the terrain plains.

    26. Maps: The map choice will now be limited to OGI_Smartmap to eliminate any possibility of crashing the mod using a public map. All games will be custom.

    27. AI Handicap Boost: There is a manual numerical setting for "AI handicap boost in the GlobalDefinesAlt.xml file. The default setting is "1", which provides one additional settler, one Stone Thrower and one scout to every AI player. You can change the boost setting back to 0. ...Or set it even higher for an AI explosion in expansion. The max allowable setting is 5. A Setting of 6 or higher will be ignored. Remember, the AI handicap boost will work with any difficulty level you may select in the game, from Settler to Deity. So it really adds flavor to the mod.

    28. Have you ever wanted an unit that can assassinate other units? Assassin units are now invisible and can attempt a fatal strike against enemy units that are on adjacent plots. But beware of Law Enforcement units who can both see and attack Assassin units automatically, when ever an Assassin unit moves to an adjacent plot.

    29. New Religions: OGI has added Shinto and the Egyptian Religions, which work exactly the same as any of the other religions in the game.

    30. Worker Promotions: Have you ever wanted promotions for workers? OGI rewards the hard work performed by your workers with promotions that improve the performance of their work rate.

    31. Population Control: Do you miss the days when you had the capability to limit city population growth? Now you can cap city population growth or increase it using one of 4 buildings. In the late game, Tech genetics will provide unlimited population in all cities.

    32. Are you tired of the awful decisions the city governor makes? OGI now lets you manage your citizens when citizen automation is turned off. The result is City specialists will retained their manual settings between turns.

    33. New Routes: Would you like more than just roads and railroads? Now your workers can build multiple routes. Each route provides increased movement speed and increased costs to build them.

    34. Startup Performance: Are you tired of the wait time to begin playing the mod? All the art files were migrated into an FPK file. The result is the mod startup time is drastically reduced.

    35. More goodies: Do you want more goodies than what is provided by the goody huts? OGI now has Nymphs and Mermaids, who will provide additional opportunities to receive free gold, experience (Promotion), technology, a worker/workboat or barbarian pirates.

    36. Canals: Have you ever wanted to build a canal instead of a fort? Now workers can build canals for ships to pass through land plots.

    What are the changes in OGI 4.03? -- NEW!

    Spoiler :

    1. Created SDK and XML code to adjust the healing rate for forts and military outposts.
    2. The XML healing rate for forts and military outposts are respectively set to 13 and 6, which are less than the value of 20 in a city.
    3. Added AI Handicap Boost value to the OGI status display popup at the beginning of a game.
    4. Fixed BUG Mod Options text for Combat Pirate Fleet under the Unit Naming Tab.
    5. Fixed SDK timer problem related to Cyber Hacker.
    6. Fixed late game Python promotion error by adding another pre-check line.
    7. The entire tech tree has been tweaked to modestly increase research times.
    8. Rebalanced production costs for all units. The result is more production resources will be required to obtain the more expensive units.
    9. Rebalanced production costs for all buildings and wonders. The result is more production resources will be required to obtain the more expensive buildings and wonders.
    10. Reduced production percentage increase for several buildings. Boost is more modest.
    11. Added special buildings to increase production for only one unit combat type. There are 20 of these national wonders, but only one can be constructed in a city. For example: If the Special production building for archery is built, then the city will produce Archery units two times faster than all other cities. Adds huge flavor to the game.
    12. Cities will take longer to grow based upon population threshholds.
    13. Fixed python error referencing the XML greeting for Hector.
    14. Fixed Cyber hacker python error referencing a city.
    15. Fixed python Stack Attack bug.
    16. Fixed python reference to promotions INTENSITY1 and INTENSITY2.
    17. Moved Map Centering from Stonehenge to Pirates Hoard.
    18. Lowered increases for mobilization civics from 33 to 25 (Game Balance).
    19. Added OOSLogger.py file to help locate multiplayer OOS errors.
    20. Added new unit Refugee, which is similar to the immigrant, but has special rules and bigger values.
    21. Used strength to cost analysis to adjust all unit costs.
    22. Adjacent plots around volcanoes get +1 food.
    23. Erupting volcanoes will spew lava flow on random adjacent plots.
    24. Added new religion Zoroastrianism to tech Aesthetics.
    25. Fixed city screen to show all 10 religions.
    26. Added new unit, Pioneer, which moves 3 and starts new cities with population 2.
    27. DCM air bombing has been replaced with 8 OGI air bombing missions.
    28. Air bombing Mission: Bomb plot improvements.
    29. Air bombing mission: Bomb routes.
    30. Air bombing Mission: Bomb all domain air units on a city plot.
    31. Air bombing Mission: Bomb all domain land units on a land plot.
    32. Air bombing Mission: Bomb all domain sea units on a water plot or in a city or a canal.
    33. Air bombing Mission: Bomb city population.
    34. Air bombing Mission: Strategic Nuclear Strike (Any plot, within range except impassible plots).
    35. Air bombing Mission: Tactical Air Strike (Fighters will attack the strongest unit on the plot).
    36. Added new feature Lava Flow.
    37. Erupting volcanoes randomly create feature Lava Flow on adjacent plots (instead of fallout).
    38. Workers can remove feature Lava Flow from plots.
    39. Added new promotion: Camouflage, which reduces odds against enemy air bombing missions by 5 percent.
    40. Added new promotion: Decoy, which reduces odds against enemy air bombing missions by 5 percent.
    41. Fixed all route modifiers to properly reflect the correct value on the tech tree.
    42. Fixed all bomb promotion prerequisites to their logical flow.
    43. Added Neutron warhead promotion for missile units.
    44. Fixed two XML spelling errors for the word: Religious.
    45. All units now have a Combat Type, which solved a boat load of XML problems.
    46. Fixed Lethal strike SDK bug, which now accounts for a null value.
    47. Added the terminator mod, which kills off enemy population and culture.
    48. A unit executing the terminator code becomes a war criminal.
    49 The war criminal unit will suffer a strength penalty.
    50. A war criminal unit will cause the owning civ to incur a huge diplomatic penalty with ALL other civs.

    What are the changes in OGI 4.02?

    Spoiler :

    1. Fixed text for promotion: Population 5.
    2. Fixed text links for various improvements.
    3. Moved the Horse reveal tech back to Animal Husbandry.
    4. Changed the strength for unique unit jaguar to 6.
    5. Added new terrain: Volcanic.
    6. Feature Volcano now defaults to volcanic plots.
    7. Updated standard map script to include features scrub, swamp and volcanoes.
    8. Updated Smart Map script to include volcanoes.
    9. Added 5 "Mech" units to the Modern and future era techs.
    10. Added Eden team Project, which will terraform all culturally owned plots in the empire one level.
    11. Added Canal Construction team Project, which will enable workers to build canals.
    12. Added Mech Construction team Project, which enables Mech units.
    13. Added code for Promotions to have a prerequisite project.
    14. Added code for Builds to have a prerequisite project.
    15. Added new tech: Advanced Engineering.
    16. Added Genesis team Project, which enables workers to terraform plots.
    17. Added Atlantis team Project, which enables workboats to terraform plots into land!
    18. Added new improvement: canal
    19. Domain sea units can enter into land plots which have a canal.
    20. The canal improvements will create a trade route path by surrounding the plot with a river.
    21. A fort will no longer act as a city.
    22. Domain sea units can no longer enter a fort (Build a canal instead).
    23. A fort provides 50 percent plot defense.
    24. Added new improvement: Military outpost to tech "The Wheel".
    25. The military outpost provides 33 percent plot defense.
    26. Military Academy allows 5 citizens to be turned into Drill Sergeant.
    27. Created Movie for the canal project.
    28. Created Movie for the Atlantis project.
    29. Created Movie for the Genesis project.
    30. Created Movie for the national wonder television.
    31. Fixed python code to add Hydro plants, when national wonder Hoover Dam is constructed.
    32. Can turn 1 citizen into Drill sergeant, when specialist management building Aggressive, Nomad, Protective or Seafaring is built.
    33. Fixed graphics for the Modern Fanatic.
    34. Fixed Sea Minerals resource XML code, so it can be improved.
    35. Adjusted XML cost values for various projects.

    What are the changes in OGI 4.01?

    Spoiler :

    1. Tech Tree can now fit eight techs per row.
    2. Rebuilt prospecting mod.
    3. The prospect mission will remove any improvement on the plot.
    4. A successful prospect mission results in a selectable mining resource for the plot (AI is random).
    5. After a successful prospect mission, the plot resource can be mined (It is no longer automatic).
    6. Converted 10 mining resources to be available at sea.
    7. Workboats can perform the Sea Mining mission, just like workers do on land.
    8. Added Promotions Sea Prospector 1-5 for work boats.
    9. Horse resource is now revealed by the Wheel.
    10. The Diplomat has been moved to tech Information Gathering.
    11. Fixed Immigrant bug that failed to reduce city population.
    12. Moved Woodshop to tech: The Wheel.
    13. Fixed Advanced Diplomacy SDK Bug. :)
    14. Fixed Cyber Hacker Python Bug. :)
    15. Tweaked AI Mine placement SDK code.
    16. Fixed Harbor, Shipyard and Dry dock XML to encourage construction of capital ships.
    17. Fix SDK DCM Ranged Bombardment CTD bug. :)
    18. Many XML tweaks improve game play.

    What are the changes in OGI 4.00?

    Spoiler :

    1. Great Generals can lead air units. :)
    2. Added Promotions Cargo Increase 1-5.
    3. Added SDK for the Advanced Cargo Mod. :)
    4. Added Promotions Booster 1-5, which increases range for tactical missile units.
    5. Added SDK to allow changes to paratrooper drop range.
    6. Added Promotions ParaDrop 1-5, which increases range for paratrooper units.
    7. Trade route profit reduced if no agreement, right of passage or open borders, exists.
    8. Added new building: Plastics Supply Center.
    9. Added new National Wonder: Plastic Parts Plant.
    10. Added new unit: SAM Armor
    11. Added new unit: Mobile ABM launcher (Protects units from missile attacks).
    12. Advanced Cargo is now a default capability and not an option.
    13. Fixed sound for tech organized warfare.
    14. Added new improvement: Fracking Well.
    15. Added oil well and fracking well modifiers to 6 different Civics.
    16. The Healer's Hut and Apothecary Shop are no longer obsolete.
    17. Apothecary Shop now has a prerequisite building: The Healers Hut
    18. The Hospital now has a prerequisite building: The Apothecary Shop
    19. Added new building: Tribal Celebration, which allows 2 citizens to become entertainers.
    20. Changed building settings so that the Obelisk, Stele and Totem pole do not become obsolete.
    21. Farmer Specialists get a +1 food yield increase, with Farmers Market National Wonder.
    22. Farmer Specialists get a +1 food yield increase, with Fisherman's Wharf World Wonder.
    23. Farmer Specialists get a +1 food yield increase, with Franchise Headquarters National Wonder.
    24. Added OGI Mod Totals to SEVOPEDIA.
    25. Added new National Wonder: The Hoover Dam to tech Hydro Electricity.
    27. Added Promotions Deep Water Tactics 1-5.
    28. Added Promotions Coastal Tactics 1-5.
    29. Fixed minor python bug in OGIGameUtils.py file.
    30. Added new World Wonder: The Enigma to tech Fascism.
    31. Added free building to each government civic except Chiefdom.
    32. Added free building: Despot's Tribute to civic Despotism.
    33. Added free building: Exaltation Crown to civic Monarchy.
    34. Added free building: Sacred Pilgrimage to civic Theocracy.
    35. Added free building: The Dictator's Monument to civic Dictatorship.
    36. Added free building: Freedom Tower to civic Democracy.
    37. Added free building: Lenin's Statue to civic Communism.
    38. Added new National Wonder: Television to tech Radio.
    39. Added new tech: Devotional Fervor to medieval era.
    40. Added 9 new National Wonders: Religious fervor for each religion.
    41. Added new building Eternal Flame.
    42. Added SDK to update any civic with modified yield and commerce values for specific specialists. Really cool. :)
    43. Updated Civics to utilize new yield and commerce values for specific specialists. Huge flavor to OGI. :)
    44. Added new SDK to change health and happiness values for a specified specialist that works by CIVIC.
    45. Fixed python bypass code for tech monotheism. It works now as intended.
    46. Fixed XML and SDK to correctly show prerequisite civics for both Units and buildings. :)
    47. Added SDK to automatically add/delete a specified building based upon whether or not you have a civic. :)
    48. Added SDK to provide a free building based upon a tech. :)
    49. Completely overhauled the Diplomat mod.
    50. Diplomat mod component runs 90 percent faster after overhaul.
    51. Diplomats have promotion based dedicated missions.
    52. Completely redesigned the combined forces mod to work with only one instructor unit.
    53. Added seven promotions for the instructor, which define which units can be combined.
    54. Added new unit: The fanatic, which has very low strength, enough of them can launch a surprise attack on a city.
    55. Players can sacrifice population to get two fanatic units.
    56. A city can generate fanatics once per turn (I'd advise you to have your city based machine guns ready).

    By themselves each of these capabilities provide a significant enhancement to BTS. But combining all of these enhancements in one mod, forces an evolvement of civilization 4. The huge amount of choice guarantees there is no approved solution that players can robotically follow to win the game. Furthermore, the randum choices in trait upgrades by the AI players, insures that your opponents, who ever they may be, will act differently in every game. Every effort has been made to move the AI from cannon fodder to truly dangerous. Assuming Alexander or Ceasar will act the same way they do in stock BTS, will leave your empire in flaming ruins. Strategy and the ability to adapt are necessary, if you want to survive.


    1. Instructions: Make sure Civ4, warlords and BTS are installed correctly. Install Tutorial: http://forums.civfanatics.com/showthread.php?t=408537

    2. Download the OGI403Setup.EXE file and install.

    3. Make sure your Anti Virus is set to Game Mode before starting OGI.

    4. Known Issues:

    A. The game options for DCM Battle Effects has been disabled in the SDK. This checkbox can be selected or not, as it makes no difference in game play.

    B. The plot yields in the tooltip on the bottom left of the main interface screen do not have any icon graphics. Game play is not affected, but every attempt is being made to discover why the small icons do not appear.

    C. The Civ Changer option is compatible with single player games only. Please make sure you disable Civ Changer for all multiplayer games.


    I wish to thank the following names and so many others for their respective influences and contributions that made this mod what it is now and in the future.
    Spoiler :

    DLQ - Historian
    Johny Smith
    Walter Harkwood
    Art Developers
    bug team
    Dancing Hoskuld
    johny smith
    Zebra 9

    If you notice something I have used from your mod or from the graphics database, please let me know, so that I can give you proper credit. You may find that Orion's Grand Inquisition becomes your base mod to play "just one more round" into the late hours of the night.

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