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Orion's Inquisition Component 2016-10-05

Orion's Inquisition Component

  1. OrionVeteran
    Orion's Inquisition Mod Component

    This mod component is from Orion's Inquisition Mod.

    New Features: OIM is now merged with BUG and Better BTS AI

    1. This is now a completely separate mod comp for Inquisitions.

    2. Has XML option in the GlobalDefinesAlt.xml file to get the Religious Threshhold for a religious victory.

    3. There are new python code functions to automatically identify the state religion shrine, Inquisitor, Holy Office, Temple, Monastery and Cathedral. This code also works for any new religions added to your mod, without the need to make any manual changes to the python code. This was a major improvement.

    4. The download includes BUG, Better BTS AI and OIM, making it easiler for you to download and play.

    5. Improved the Inquisitor.dds file graphic.

    6. Changed the odds for producing AI inquisitors based upon a religious influence and other city production checks for the inquisitor. If religious influence is greater than 40%: Spiritual Civs: 66%; Non-Spiritual Civs: 50%. If religious influence is less than 40%: All Civs: 33%. This provides a distict incentive for AI spiritual Civs to produce more inquisitors and make it more likely to achieve a religious victory.

    7. Much improved Python code. You will be Amazed how fast AI autoplay works with OIM.