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OT-64A SKOT 2018-11-08

Cold War APC used by a number of countries

  1. MatteM
    From Wikipedia:

    The OT-64 SKOT (Czech acronym for: Střední Kolový Obrněný Transportér, and/or Polish Średni Kołowy Opancerzony Transporter – medium wheeled armoured transporter) is an amphibious, armored personnel carrier (8x8), developed jointly by Poland and Czechoslovakia (ČSSR) well into the 1960s

    OT-64 SKOT entered service with Polish and Czechoslovak armies in 1963. It was produced until the early 1970s. It is still in service in Poland and Slovakia, among other operated by the Slovak police. Czech units were replaced in 2006 by new armoured vehicles Pandur II CZ. During the 1990s, Slovakia purchased hundreds of these units from the Czech Republic (150 in 1994, 100 in 1998). Slovaks then sold them to other, mainly African, countries. OT-64 SKOT was also exported to eleven different countries. A total number of vehicles produced is 4,500.

    Thanks goes to PPQ_Purple whose PT-76 I borrowed a couple of parts from, and to Walter Hawkwood whose M113.nif I used.

    Two versions included, both with Indian markings since I intend to use it for the Indians in my mod.