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Ozzy's Map of Erebus v.40 2016-10-05

Here is my stab at creating an interesting, playable, and somewhat accurate (based on what little I know of the storyline) map for use with Kael's Fall from Heaven 2 mod.

Version 10 (compatible with FfH version .40) Uploaded 5-12-09:
Download Here.

This huge map includes all finished, playable civs (as of version .40). The leaders/civs included are:

Bannor - Sabathiel
Malakim - Varn Gosam
Elohim - Einion Logos
Luchuirp - Beeri Bawl
Kuriotates - Cardith
Ljosalfar - Arendel Phaedra

Khazad - Kandros Fir
Amurites - Valledia the Even
Grigori - Cassiel
Sidar - Sandalphon
Lanun - Hannah the Irin
Hippus - Tasunke

Doviello - Charadon
Balseraphs - Perpentach
Svartalfar - Faeryl Viconia
Clan of Embers - Sheelba
Calabim - Alexis
Sheaim - Tebryn Arbandi
Illians - Auric

As with the last version I took care to balance the placement of good/neutral/evil civs. Civ placement has been changed around a lot due to the addition of the Sidar and Svartalfar. In order to achieve balance between alignments I have changed Ljosalfar's leader to Arendel to have another good civ in the game. I have also moved some civs to new locations. No civ should be totally surrounded by enemies nor entirely enclosed by friends. Most civs are on one main continent with the Lanun on a nearby island. Four civs (one good, two neutral and one evil) are placed on a separate continent. There should be enough room (and open civ slots) for Mercurians and Infernal to spawn.

Civs were placed according to their native land. Hippus are in a great central plain. Khazad are in a mountain range. Doviello are in the tundra, etc.

I did my best to arrange civs according to who their neighbors are in the storyline I found on the wiki. I was only able to find a description for Bannor (that the Clan of Embers were to their east, Doviello to their northwest, and Lunun in islands to the west). You should note that the Khazad and Luchuirp are now neighbors as are the Ljosalfar and Svartalfar.

Finally I tried to make the map conform to natural geographic characteristics with two large mountain chains running north and south situated in the east and the west of the main continent. In both cases the mountains divide greener land closer to the ocean and drier land in the interior. I also did my best to cluster resources to necessitate trade between civs.

Lairs and such are randomized thanks to a new feature in .34, but there are no huts on the map. No extra python files needed for this version. Resources and special features are all pre-placed to ensure balance and encourage some interesting trades.

Any comments, suggestions, complaints are certainly welcome. The "development thread" is here:

Thanks! I hope y'all enjoy it!

To use:
1. Download file and unzip map into My Documents\My Games\Beyond the Sword\PublicMaps
2. Load Fall from Heaven 2 Mod
3. Select "Start Scenario" (from either single player or multiplayer)
4. Pick "Ozzy's Map of Erebus v.40"
5. Enjoy!
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