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P1000 Ratte Landcruiser 2016-10-05

P1000 Ratte Landcruiser

  1. KrugerPritz
    I made this for a request of Deuskane.
    Thanks to Refar for suggestions about animations.
    I reshaped the panzer V Panther. and I don't know who is the creator as it seems to me not the standard one. Sure the textures aren't.
    The nif is P1000g5 (is the fifth work of the G series of my work). It uses the standard panzer.kfm and You need to take the panzer.nif in the same folder.
    Even if i've doubled the dummies it seems that only one cannon works, btw, in game it doesn't seem to me a great problem.
    I don't think i will use this unit in my game, except, maybe for phantascientics ones.
    It has normal scale so if You want to see it as big as in the image You have to upscale to 1.5

    It's not the same as the original project... as it is an improvment :)))



    1. p1000fullview_qs2.jpg
    2. p1000ultimate3_R7y.jpg
    3. p1000ultimate2_k45.jpg