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Paladin 2016-10-05


  1. seZereth
    Ok, This one is designed for Fall from Heaven II, but i think it can be used for other mods too, by removing the wings from his helmet, he looks good as a food knight for example.
    4 versions, one with teamcolour (i dont like teamcolour, but if someone desperately needs a tc version, he shall use it :p )
    i tested it with warrior animation, but i think some other animations might work too, just try it ;)

    hope this brings some enjoyment to you!

    look here for more versions: more paladins thread

    P.S: have a look at my Unit library (linked in my signature) for more Fantasy related Units! (or simply download Fall from Heaven II or the upcoming warhammer fantasy battles mod which is currently reworked)

Recent Reviews

  1. Ryu Alabasta X
    Ryu Alabasta X
    Version: 2016-10-05
    hey does anyone anyone at all no how to make these units appear in the game like where do i send them u know wat file should i open and stuff...