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Partisans Mod v1.31 (BTS 3.19) 2016-10-05

Partisans Mod v1.31
GIR has made an awesome Partisan Mod. :goodjob: However, it is not longer available for download by itself. I isolated the python and .xml code and added two text missing text entries to make it a standalone mod. It also has a Custom Game Option to turn the mod On/Off. Also included are the C++ changed files.

This mod is for BTS 3.19.

-----Game Play-----
-The :strength:Partisan unit:strength: that can appear whenever a city is captured.
-The :strength:Partisans:strength: appear after rifling is researched and the amount of :strength:Partisans:strength: vary by the size of the city, :science: researched, and leader traits.

-----Note to Modmakers-----
In the SDK files I have added // < Partistans Mod START > and
// < Partisans Mod END > in all of the places that I have made changes to
the original files.

-------Version History---------
Spoiler :

Verion 1.3
-removed uneeded promotions art
-Removed uneeded partisan.kfm files
-Removed uneeded PYthon Callback
-Fixed Unit Scale
-Removed Solver Events Text
-Removed uneededPromotions.xml
-Revomed uneeded &
-Fixed SDK alignment error
-Added Readme & changelog Texts
-Added Concept Text

Version 1.2
Added a Custom Game Option Menu

Version 1.1
-removed after 5186 downloads
Added Missing Game Text for Partisan appearances.

Version 1.0
-GIR's original version

Here is GIR's original thread.
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