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Patria Grande: Music and Voices Support for Cultural Diversity 2.01

Provides Music and Voices Support for JFD's Cultural Diversity.

  1. Leugi
    Update (24/01/2017):

    Made everything use SQL, added Voiceovers

    Provides [COLOR_WATER_TEXT]Music and Voices Support[ENDCOLOR] for JFD's Cultural Diversity. Includes Soundtrack for Modern American civilizations, like Mexico, Peru or Colombia. Updates automatically for Civilizations using Brazil Soundtrack.

    Also provides general support for CulDiv for modern Patria Grande civilizations.

    To be used with Patria Grande Civilizations!

    Credits for the music:

      • Filarmónica de Bogotá
      • Música de Maestros
      • Astor Piazzolla
      • Fiesta Criolla
      • Los Solistas
      • Ernesto Cavour
      • Orquesta de Cámara de Asunción
      • Savia Andina
      • Entre Dos Aguas