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Paul's Standard Earth Alpha v1.2.2

Standard Sized Earth Map with Roughly True Start Locations

  1. P-Dubya
    NOTICE: 12/27/2016 New Minor Update allows for up to 12 civilizations in a single player game. Always 18 City-States in the game (but they vary on which ones will be in each game).

    12/24/2016- Map can now be played in Multiplayer!!!
    Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas. Enjoy the map, and if you have any issues feel free to let me know. Thank you and enjoy :)


    A Roughly True Start Location, Standard Sized Earth Map in Alpha Stage, named Paul’s Standard Earth or PSE. It works excellently, but admittedly it needs more work. Therefore this map will be updated over time to become more balanced and provide more functionality.


    Alpha Versions (NOW): This map will remain in Alpha versions until official Mod tools are released for Civ 6.

    Beta Versions: The first maps after the Mod tools are released. This will test whether or not maps and mods made now will still work when the official Mod Tools are released.

    Official Versions: When the map works as intended after Mod Tools are released, official v1.0 will become available.


    Like many other Civ fans, I was disappointed to see that a True Start Location Earth map had not been included with the game. Hoping to save myself time, I searched for an Earth map to find only one available: Gedemon’s Yet Not Another Map Pack. Gedemon did a fantastic job with the Earth map, but, like many others, my computer just couldn’t handle it in the later stages of the game. Sadly, the amazing YNAMP was unplayable for me.

    Seeing no other options, I decided I’d try to make a Standard Sized TSL Earth map. To be frank, just within the past year or so I figured out how to make Mods on Civ 5, and even got a custom Earth map to work in multiplayer (it’s a favorite map type for me and the people I play with). I thought it couldn’t be too hard to mod a Custom Map on Civ 6 if I could do it on Civ 5.

    Of course, the cold, hard truth is that there are no mod tools officially available for Civ 6. But with a couple of little changes to code I learned from the remarkable Civ fan communities, I got Worldbuilder to work. I wasn’t sure if I should dedicate the time to build a decent Earth map, considering the fact that we aren’t supposed to be able to do that stuff yet. However, Gedemon had created a working TSL Earth map that I was able to play online, so I knew it was possible. But it was so much hard work with the simple tools at our disposal.

    This RTSL Standard Earth map isn’t perfect. Europe’s size is accentuated, which threw Africa and Asia off a bit. But, I think as far as the terrain itself goes, it’s not at all bad. I do intend to release a Real TSL Standard Earth Map at a later time, but for now I’m focused on perfecting this Map Mod, first.


    - An Earth Map, set to Standard Size: 80 x 52 (2-12 players, normally with 4 natural wonders, but no natural wonders in this map due to difficulty in placing them in Worldbuilder). A great option for those who don't have high end computers.

    - Roughly True Start locations for all civilizations, except Scythia, which starts in North America, and the Aztecs, which starts in South America (around Venezuela). All Other civs will appear on or very near to their TSL. For example, Rome, France, Greece, Brazil, China, Egypt, the Kongolese, and most others are pretty much spot on. The Americans start a couple tiles north of their capital due to the size and design of the map; same for Britain, Germany, Russia, and Japan. But you will be in the right area. Current start locations aren’t set in stone for me. I’ll adjust them if necessary according to feedback and my own experiences.

    - Map can be played in Multiplayer! That's right! If you enjoy playing with friends, just make sure you ALL have the map in your Civ6 Mods folder (see installation directions after this Features section). The number of players/civilizations max out at 8 in multiplayer, however.

    - All Continents are present, with North America and South America being the most accurate in shape and size, but with accentuated features for Europe, meaning it’s bigger than it proportionately should be in comparison to the other continents. You’ll notice that this bigger Europe resulted in a larger Africa with a slightly eastward shift. The look of the map feels right, at least for now. Expect better accuracy in future versions of this map. As a start, though, I believe you’ll be pleased.

    - The tiles of land that represent the Panama Canal and Suez Canal are changed to water tiles, meaning the canals are open for all ships to sail through, unless someone builds a city there, then you’ll need their permission or declare war.

    - The further away a Civilization is from you, the more resources you’ll be able to trade. Luxury resources are disbursed so that more of them are exclusive to fewer civilizations. France, Germany, and Norway will have truffles and wine, while Rome, Greece and Spain will have marble and pearls. The East Asia nations will have access to silk and jade, while North America will exclusively have cotton, gypsum, and tobacco. South American civilizations will have exclusive access to coffee, chocolate, and sugar. Gems are in South America, Africa, and Southeast Asia. Silver is found in the Sahara and Middle East. Etc.

    - Can turn Barbarians On or Off in the Setup Screen, but the Tribal Villages (or Goody Huts) option does nothing. I could only get them to appear if I placed them manually in worldbuilder, so I decided to leave out Goody Huts altogether for now.

    - Change the number of Civilizations in your game by changing the World Size option. You can have 2 Civs with Duel, 4 Civs with Tiny, 6 Civs with Small, 8 with Standard, 10 with Large, and 12 with Huge. The highest number of Civs possible is 12 (on Huge), unless you are playing Multiplayer, which always tops out at 8. The map will always be the same, standard size, however.

    - Expect to see more resources than normal. I tried to leave enough room for building space for the cities, and this will adjust according to feedback and personal experience.

    - Terrain and features aren’t perfect, so expect to see more accurate maps in the future.

    How to Install This Mod:
    (!!!!You will need WinZip or Winrar in order to Open the File!!!!)

    1. Download the PSE.rar (short for Paul’s Standard Earth) file.

    2. Open the file with Winzip or Winrar.

    3. Place the PSE folder in your Civilization 6 Mods folder (Located in Windows by going to Documents>My Games>Civilization VI>Mods

    4. At the Main Menu of the game, choose Additional Content and Enable the Paul’s Standard Earth mod.

    5. Return to the Main Menu, then select Single Player, then Create Game.

    6. Click on Advanced Setup.

    7. At the Setup Screen, select Ruleset, then select PSE.

    8. Set up the rest of the options to your preferences.

    9. Start Game

    And so, here are the problems this Standard Earth TSL Map is currently encountering. It does function, and it can be played all the way through. But there are limitations at the moment.

    Current Issues with this Earth Map Mod:

    1. Resources are always the same; I have not been able to make this map randomly generate resources, so I had to place them myself.

    2. Barbarians can be disabled in the Map Setup Screen like normal. However, the Goody Huts option has no effect. I cannot randomly generate goody huts, so I left them out entirely until I get a better handle on things.

    3. Due to the absolutely inexplicable restrictions of the Civ 6 Worldbuilder, I have not been able to successfully place 4 Natural Wonders. Well, I was able to place 4, but only 2 showed up in-game. Fearing this would just make the project more complex and more likely to malfunction, I left out Natural Wonders for now. I do intend to include Natural Wonders at some point, though, if it’s possible.

    4. Even though you can pick different map sizes in the Setup Screen, the map will always be the same size. But, by changing the size of the map, you can change the number of other civs (Standard size is default; if you want less civs, decrease the map size; if you want more civs, increase the map size). At the moment, you can only play up to 12 Civs at once on this map in Single Player and up to 8 Civs in Multiplayer.

    And there it is. Feel free to comment, ask questions, offer suggestions, and criticize this map. Each time I work on this map I’ll be taking input into consideration.

    For now, I hope you enjoy the map and forgive any mistakes on my part.

    Acknowledgements and thank yous to:

    Gedemon for his amazing YNAMP, which showed me that making a TSL Earth Map was absolutely possible.

    Tazpn314 for posting the basic scripts to create a Map Mod, which taught me a lot about modding Civ 6.

    The civfanatics forums and users for all their information and help.

    Thank you all and I hope you enjoy Paul’s Standard Earth!

    20161219004716_1.jpg 20161219004722_1.jpg 20161219004727_1.jpg 20161219004732_1.jpg 20161219004741_1.jpg 20161219004747_1.jpg 20161219004754_1.jpg 20161219004757_1.jpg 20161219004806_1.jpg 20161219004816_1.jpg

Recent Reviews

  1. McMunaman
    Version: Alpha v1.2.2
    very nice
  2. Elhoim
    Version: Currently Alpha v1.1
    Great work on this map!
    1. P-Dubya
      Author's Response
      Thanks for checking out my map! Enjoy :)