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Pegasus Rider: Spearman 2016-10-05

Pegasus Rider: Spearman

  1. WarKirby
    killing two birds with one stone. This was created for someone who saw my previous pegasus riders, and wanted a "greek looking" one.

    So I used the Firaxis spearman model, which coincidentally is the FFH Immortal graphic too, and mounted it on a pegasus. Thus we have a Pegasus Riding Immortal, and a "greek looking" pegasus riding unit, all in one.

    • 1220 faces
    • 3 textures
      • spearman_128.dds 128x128
      • sword_tex.dds 128x64
      • pegasus_128.dds 128x128
    • Uses Companion Cavalry animations


    1. spearmanrider_demo_96E.png