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Pendragon + K-Mod v1.02 2016-10-05

Pendragon + K-Mod v1.02

  1. Radio Noer
    Pendragon Mod v1.0

    Hello everyone, I have made a total conversion mod based off of the Pendragon book series by D.J. MacHale and have decided to release it to the public to get some more plays on it and maybe just provide a little diversion for people every once in a while, if not regularly. It's a very simple mod, really just removing stock civilizations and leaders and replacing them with leaders from the Pendragon book series so try it out, there no new rules to worry about, no giant new tech tree to master, just a fun mod I think you will enjoy :). Please leave feedback! Even if it's just "good mod" or an extensive write-up of the flaws and balance issues, feedback is appreciated so much! Without any further ado (if you read this that is), please take a look at the Pendragon Mod.

    Current features:
    11 New Civs with UU's and UB's
    Over 30 leaders
    BUG mod Integration

    Need to Add:
    Tak resource (glaze too maybe)
    More units (If tak is added)
    Requests for units, techs, buildings, etc (provided they fit the series)
    Blue Marble?

    Current Civs/Leaders
    Spoiler :
    First Earth
    Gunny (Ind/Org)
    Winn Farrow (Exp/Imp)
    Nancy "Jinx" Olsen (Agg/Ind)
    Dodger (Ind/Fin)
    Max Rose (Exp/Fin)
    UU: Gangster (cheaper infantry)
    UB: Hotel (bank with another +15% gold)

    Second Earth
    Bobby Pendragon (Pro/Phi)
    Mark Dimmond (Fin/Cre)
    Courtney Chetwynde (Phi/Cha)
    Press Tilton (Spi/Org)
    America's UU and UB

    Third Earth
    Patrick Mac (Cre/Pro)
    UU: Librarian (spy)
    UB: Public Library (Library +15% research)

    Saint Dane (Agg/Cha)
    Nevva Winter (Agg/Exp)
    Alexander Naymeer (Fin/ChaQ
    UU: Ravinian Soldier (infantry with 22 str)
    UB: Horizon Compound (Palace +15% unit production)

    Loor (Agg/Spi)
    Saangi (Agg/Exp)
    Osa (Agg/Cha)
    Pelle a Zinj (Cre/Imp)
    UU: Bantu Warrior (Spearman +1 move +1 Str)
    UB: Training Ground (Barracks +2 exp to ground units)

    Vo Spader (Agg/Cha)
    Benn Spader (Ind/Fin)
    Wu Yenza (Ind/Org)
    UU: Military Habitat (Carrier +3 cargo space, 30 str)
    UB: Ship Assembly (Harbor +1 tr, +1 hammer on water tiles +25% ship production)

    Aja Killian (Cre/Org)
    Dr. Zetlin (Cre/Fin)
    UU: Lifelight Operator (Worker, builds improvements 2x faster)
    UB: Lifelight Pyramid (Laboratory no unhealthiness, +10% research)

    Eli Winter (Spi/Pro)
    UU: Dado (Mech inf +3 str, cheaper)
    UB: Quillan Games Stadium (Coloseum +10% gold)

    Siry Remudi (Exp/Imp)
    Jen Remudi (Spi/Pro)
    Loque (Cre/Ind)
    UU: Settler Ship (Galleon +2 Cargo)
    UB: Tribunal (-25% War Weariness, additional -10% maintenence)

    Kasha (Fin/Org)
    Boon (Agg/Pro)
    Aaron of the Gars (Org/Pro)
    UU: Black Water Fighter (SAM Infantry with very high interception chance and +50% vs gunpowder units)
    UB: Radio Link (Broadcast Tower +1 Trade Route, cheaper)

    Alder (Org/Imp)
    Rellin (Ind/Org)
    Kagan (Exp/Fin)
    Figgis (Fin/Pro)
    UU: Bedoowan Knight (Swordsman additional +5% city attack +25% vs Melee)
    UB: Glaze Mine (Forge, additional 1 unhealthiness, additional +10% production, +10% gold)

    Spoiler :

    Play as new leaders, like Spader of Cloral. Living in a watery world sure gives Spader advantages when it comes to the high seas, don't mess with his navy!

    There's also Alder from Denduron, his early Forge replacement, the Glaze Mine, boosts production and gold, use it to pump out Bedoowan Knights to take over nearby enemies!

    Or perhaps Max Rose is more your taste, associated with Nazi Germany, Max Rose is a ruthless gangster leader, the Bank replacemt, Hotel, boosts gold and First Eartth's gangsters are cheap infantry, ready to do your dirty work!

    Warring not to your taste? Try Siry Remudi, the leader of the Jakills from Ibara, his goal is to recolonize the mainland, help him out!

    There is also a unique National Wonder for each civilization. For example, Eelong has the Advent, giving extra happiness and trade routes in all cities.

    Also included are reworked civics, such sa Despotism, lowering early happiness and therefore growth, get out of it as fast as possible!

    All this and many more changes are in the Pendragon Mod!

    Spoiler :
    Version 0.1.1
    Changed Civics for variety and (hopefully) better balance

    Version 0.1.2
    Buffed "Ship Assembly", now gives extra hammer on all water spaces
    Added Scenario "Pendragon Axis vs Allies"
    Added 2 civilopedia entries (more to come)
    Flume tech/Building

    Version 0.1.3
    Civilopedia entries for all leaders
    "The Convergence" wonder added

    Version 0.2.0
    Unique World Wonders
    Fixed Librarian and Lifelight Operator

    Version 0.5
    About 20 new leaders! (credit goes to Nitram15, charle88, Sabotlieh, melcher kürzer, and cool3a2 for leaderheads PLEASE TELL ME IF I'M MISSING A CREDIT!)
    "Convergence" and offshoots are now national wonders and have had some of their effects dampened a bit.
    Tweaked Vassalage to give a more substantial bonus in the capital
    Changed starting techs of most civs to better represent their specialties.

    Version 0.75
    Civilopedia entries for civilizations and new leaders
    Unique greeting for each new leader
    New city names

    Version 0.8
    Reworked Caste System and Specialist counts
    Fixed Benn Spader diplo

    Version 0.9
    Civilopedia entries for all added units and buildings :)
    Buffed Caste System

    Version 1.0
    K-Mod download Option

    Me, Radio Noer :)
    The BUG team
    melcher kürzer
    Lord Tirian

    Other notables:
    The_J, for helping me in the very early stages and moving the thread here
    Baldyr, for trying to help with some python coding, which got me to fixing the Flume building
    GGracchus, for giving me bits of feedback for balance and the like