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PerfectMongoose 3.2 2016-10-05

PerfectMongoose 3.2

  1. LunarMongoose
    Major Update of LM's official Civ4 Port of Civ5's PerfectWorld3_v2, using PerfectWorld_2.06f as base.

    The initial version of this project took a week of 24/7, every-waking-minute work to complete. The 3.1 update took 2 more weeks, and this 3.2 update a year later has taken 3 weeks of heavy work. It is posted with permission from the original author, Cephalo.

    This is a definitive release: I am very confident everything is finally fixed and working properly, and all the improvements I had been planning to make are now implemented.

    Please see this forum thread for details, (old) screenshots, and discussion.