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Perfidious Recon Units (VP) 1.1

Clandestine recon units can enter select rival tiles

  1. Tekamthi
    Inspired by 'Free Recon Units' and similar mods, Perfidious Recon Units allows VP's pre-paratrooper recon units to enter select tiles in rival territory, and partially conceals early land recon units from detection...


    Perfidy (promotion):
    • applies to all recon units pre-zeppelin
    • applies "invisibility" (same mechanism as submarine)
    • allows unit to enter unimproved (or pillaged) rough terrain plots (forest, jungle, hills, marsh) in rival territory
    • if DoF exists with plot owner, or if unit has survivalism 3 (enemy roads promo), unit can enter rival tiles with owned trade route or non-pillaged road/railroad.
    • allows unit to enter unimproved (or pillaged) plots adjacent to own territory
    • if unit relies on perfidy mechanisms to start a turn in rival territory, vision is reduced to 1 until it starts a turn outside rival territory (normal reasons for being in rival territory, ie war, open borders etc. are not penalized)
    • special case: great wall blocks all perfidy-related entry to owner's land plots by rival recon units
    Mare Liberum (promotion)
    • applies to all recon units post-pathfinder and pre-zeppelin (ie scout and explorer in base VP)
    • allows unit to enter rival water plots
    • perfidy vision reduction applies for turns started in rival water plot
    Caelum Liberum (promotion)
    • applies to all zeppelins
    • allows unit to enter all unimproved & unroaded (or pillaged) rival plots
    • allows unit to enter all plots adjacent to own territory
    Zeppelin fixes
    • no deepwater embarkation (can hover in all terrain)
    • -10 heal in neutral territory
    • -5 heal in enemy territory
    Compatibility: Vox Populi

Recent Updates

  1. fixed invisibility promotion defines