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Periphery (Now compatible with CIVITAS CSE) 1.3

City-states to countries!

  1. Trashperson
    Periphery is a deceptively simple mod for Civ 6 which renames all base game and DLC city-states after their real-life current and historical nations.

    This is by renaming the mini-'Civ' which owns the city-state- so what appears in the city-state menu- but not the actual city owned by said city-state. If you want to change those, I would recommend the Rosetta and Dynamic city names combo, which this mod was designed to complement. There are also a variety of settings, accessible through the UserSettings.sql file, which I'll explain below. The mod does NOT affect saves and should be compatible with any mod except those that, too, alter city-state names. The mod is backwards compatible with all versions of the game (Even those that haven't updated for completely removed city-states!) and I plan to update continuously henceforth (Looking at you, Babylon pack. Babylon was my most troublesome city-state to code as well! The pack was announced the day I fixed it!).

    The idea for the mod's name comes from the terms for core/periphery nations in economics (basically updated language for first/third world countries), in which 'periphery' states rely on the political and economic support of 'core' states to remain relevant- a dynamic that mirrors the distinction between Civilisation/City-state in Civ 6.

    Available options (All work simultaneously)-
    - Native language names.
    - New state and government names (I.e, 'Mexico City city-state', rather than being renamed 'Mexico city-state', will be renamed 'United Mexican States').
    - Alternate English and/or native language names for the below city-states:
    - Amsterdam (Netherlands/Holland)
    - Armagh (Ulster/Ireland)
    - Auckland (New Zealand/Aotearoa) [Native]
    - Babylon (Māt Akkadī/Bābilim) [Native] (For confusion's sake)
    - Caguana (Taíno/Puerto Rico)
    - Chinguetta (Amazigh/Arabic) [Native]
    - Fez (Morocco/Idrisids)
    - Kandy (Sri Lanka/Kandy)
    - Kumasi (Ashanti/Ghana)
    - Lahore (Punjab/Pakistan)
    - Nazca (Peru/Nazca)
    - Ngazargamu (Bornu/Nigeria)
    - Taruga (Nok/Nigeria)
    - Zanzibar (Tanzania/Zanzibar)​
    - Compatibility with Civitas: City-states expanded, which must be activated before use.

    To change the settings, go to Periphery/UserSettings.sql. Instructions are provided within.

    The total list of possible names can be found here under the 'Periphery' tab.

    This mod does not affect saves.

    My other mods are Tradition, which improves flavour by renaming many aspects of the game, and Religion Expanded, Shrunk, which implements only the religion slider from the base mod so players can play without the other content.

    I hope people enjoy it and find it useful! And I welcome any feedback! Additionally, as I do not own the Steam version of the game, I am unable to upload it to the workshop- if anyone is able to on my behalf please contact me so we can get it done.

Recent Reviews

  1. atomic645
    Version: 1.0
    Really changes the tone in a good way