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Persian CKD TNH tank 2016-10-05

Persian CKD TNH tank

  1. Wolfshanze
    This is a Persian/Iranian CKD TNH tank reskin based on Sharick's Pz-38t model... reskin by Wolfshanze.

    Actively building up their army between the two world wars, Iran sought armored vehicles. Between 1931 - 41, Iran purchased over 300,000 rifles, some 6,000 light and heavy machine guns, and about 350 cannon of various types. Turning to the purchase of armored vehicles, the Czech CKD AH-IV and the TNH was selected. The Iranian order initially was for 50 TNH light tanks. Purchased on August 17 1936, the TNH light tank was delivered to Iran in 1937. Fifty of these tanks and fifty of the AH-IV tankettes equipped the First and Second divisions of Imperial Iranian Ground Forces, twenty five of each type per division. These tanks were on active duty up to 1947.

    Animations and Button are included in the download.

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    1. persian_tnh_g76.png
    2. ira_tnh_drawing_76E.jpg