Phantagonist's Zhu Yuanzhang (Ming Taizu, Hongwu Emperor) 2020-10-09

Adds Zhu Yuanzhang, Ming Taizu, Hongwu Emperor, as the alternate leader of China.

  1. Phantagonist
    Zhu Yuanzhang

    Ability: Rise of the Peasant Emperor
    +50% Production towards City Center buildings.
    Controlling at least 8 Granaries and 8 Ancient Walls (or Urban Defenses) grant 8 Skirmishers, permanent full Loyalty in all cities, and maximum Diplomatic Visibility with every encountered civilization.

    Agenda: Record of the Ancestor's Instructions
    Focuses on building Granaries and Ancient Walls. Likes peaceful civilizations that share information with him. Dislikes warmongering civilizations that ignore Amenities.

    This mod requires Gathering Storm & Rise and Fall.

    Supports English, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese.

    Mod compatibility
    Phantagonist's Historical City Names for Chinese Leaders (Provides 60 historical city names for Zhu Yuanzhang)
    YnAMP (Testing)
    Tomatekh's Historical Religions

    Special thanks to:
    Tutorial & Modding Tools: Hemmelfort, Randerion, Leugi, maconnolly
    Artwork: 珊瑚虫