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Pictish Warrior 2016-10-05

Here's the Pictish Warrior. Gael requested it for a mod he's creating. I don't really know how it would fit into a normal CivIII game. I've personally given it to the Celts as an alternative to the Gallic Swordsman. Now the Celts can build both a Gallic Swordsman and a regular swordsman(Pictish Warrior). This doesn't sound like the best option though.

I've tested him "in-game," and everything seems to be working. The animation speeds seem pretty good and all. Well, hopefully, our Pictish companion will add a little more enjoyment to everyone's game.

This preview is for the third, latest version. December 7, 2003. Also, there is a frame out of order in the preview. It's not like that in the actual .flc animations.

Download. Animation Update.

Download the December 7, 2003 graphics.
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