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PiGreat's Dominion of Newfoundland (v 1)

[BNW Required] Adds the Dominion of Newfoundland, led by Edward Morris, to the game.

  1. TopHatPaladin

    Design: PiGreat
    Code: PiGreat
    Lua: Troller0001
    Art: PiGreat, GPuzzle, TopHatPaladin, Urdnot_Scott
    E&D Support: PiGreat, TopHatPaladin

    UA: Far East of the West
    Units may Embark upon discovery of Sailing. Naval Units increase a City's Production when stationed inside it, and upon improving a Sea Resource, gain a burst of Production in all Coastal Cities.

    UU: Blue Puttee
    Replaces the Great War Infantry. The Blue Puttee is stronger when Embarked, and uses only 1 Movement when Embarking or Disembarking.

    UB: Fishing Stage
    Replaces the Seaport. The Fishing Stage generates extra Gold from Sea Resources, and provides +5 EXP to newly trained units for each nearby source of Fish.​
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