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Pillage Experience Mod v1.3 (BTS 3.19) 2016-10-05

Pillage Experience Mod v1.3 (BTS 3.19)

  1. stolenrays
    This is a simple Mod that makes it so that units gain experience when :gold:pillaging:gold: improvements(land/sea) and :gold:blockading:gold: naval routes. A Custom Game Option allows you to turn the mod on/off from the Custom Game Menu as requested.

    I used a snippet of code from the Air Combat Experience Mod by the Lopez (so big thanks to the Lopez) and changed it for pillaging. The modification was only to a few C++ files. The Mod includes the Changed C++ files plus a working mod. Enjoy.

    -----Game Play-----

    -Units gain experience when successfully pillaging improvements on land/sea and when naval units successfully blockade sea routes.

    -----Note to Modmakers-----

    In the SDK files I have added // < Pillage Experience START > and
    // < Pillage Experience END > in all of the places that I have made changes to
    the original files.

    -------Version History---------
    Spoiler :

    Version 1.3
    -Removed uneeded SDK booleans for non-existant ini file
    -Added Concept Text
    -Added Changlog & Readme Texts

    Version 1.21
    -Fixed source code commenting

    Version 1.2
    -Added a Custom Game Option Menu

    Version 1.1
    -removed after 24 downloads
    -Added XP for Blockading naval routes

    Version 1.0
    -removed after 1 download
    -XP for Pillaging sea/air improvements



    1. pe_864.jpeg