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pineappledan's Chola

pineappledan's Chola 8

Adds the Chola, led by Rajendra I, to Civ 5. Requires the Community Patch and Vox Populi

Leader: Rajendra I
Unique Ability: Vira-Valanjiyar
Unique Building: Thirvai (Customs House)
Unique Unit: Marakkalam (Standalone)
more details in the discussion thread

  • Firaxis - Leader model
  • Pouakai - Map
  • Janboruta - Thirisadai icon
  • Sukritact - Kallarani and Thirvai icons
  • Leugi - Graphics and unit flags for the Thirisadai and Kallarani unit models, Kovil Kulam model and icons
  • Viregel - Spy list
  • Whoward - Plot Iterator
  • Sounds of Isha - Peace and War Themes
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Latest updates

  1. taniyar promotion bonus

    taniyar now gives infiltrators, as intended
  2. 2UC 4UC combiner

    2UC and 4UC now work in the same mod (don't require manipulating files) credit to @jarcast2
  3. 3.0 compatibility

    great merge and 3.0 compatibility changes
  4. 3.0 compatibility

    3.0 compatibility
  5. 2.7 compatibility

    fixed UI compatibility error for the trade selection screen. credit to @N.Core save compatible
  6. Thirvai Bug Fix

    lua fix for Thirvai TR bonus
  7. UU renaming

    Thirisadai renamed to Marakkalam Kallarani renamed to Taniya
  8. Great Merge compatibility

    Great Merge compatibility
  9. Thirvai Trade Nerf

    Thirisadai now upgrades (for free) into Ironclad Thirvai now gives +4:c5science::c5culture: per...
  10. Vassal Tax bug fix

    Thirvai production from Vassal Tax functions properly Thirvai GAdmiral points on TR completion...
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