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Pirates! Mod Scenario Ver1.2 2016-10-05

Ver. 1.2

Avast, ye landlubber! Take the helm as the English, French, Dutch, Spanish or even the dreaded Pirates and conquer the Caribbean. Inspired by Sid Meier's Pirates!, this mod challenges you to dominate the high seas and pillage the wealth of your rivals.

* Play as Henry Morgan, Charles II of England, Louis XIV of France, Johan de Witt of the United Netherlands or Philip IV of Spain

* Command ships from the Pirates! game, loot Spanish Treasure Galleons and capture enemy warships

* Research new techs such as Letters of Marque and Rum

* Acquire new promotions such as Carpenter and Chain Shot

* Build new structures, such as the Tavern or the Pirates' Black Market

* Discover buried treasure

Can you best your rivals and amass a fortune, or will you end up at the bottom of Davy Jones' Locker?

***Changes to Ver. 1.2***

* Wars in Europe affect diplomacy in the Caribbean

* The Pirates and Spain are permanently at war

* The English, French and Dutch receive occasional reinforcements from Europe

* Caps placed on number of certain units that may be built by any single faction (20 for most infantry, 10 for cavalry, 10 for cannons, 10 for frigates and 6 for ships of the line and flag galleons) [Note: enemy ships may be captured beyond the cap]

* French Musketeer returned to 2 movement

* More buried treasure added

* "Rogue" pirates added
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