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Pitt's War at Sea 2

Pitt's War at Sea a Civ2 scenario by C. Fritz converted for ToT

  1. gapetit
    This is a Civilization II scenario about the Seven Years War in the
    Carribean. England fought France throughout the world, North America,
    Africa, India, and the Carribean during the Seven Years War. This strategy
    was devised by William Pitt, the English Secretary of State, because he
    knew England was too weak to confront France directly in Europe. Instead
    he took advantage of England's naval power and confronted France where it
    was weak. In the Carribean theatre, England grabbed most of France's
    West Indies possessions and later captured Havana from Spain.
    There are four playable tribes in this scenario: Englishmen, Frenchmen,
    Spaniards, and Dutchmen.​
    This is an amphibious campaign, so a strong fleet is essential. You
    can also get a lot of quick gold by building trade reps because there are
    a lot of islands. This will come in handy for rush building improvements
    that get destroyed when you take cities. When you take a city, a slave
    unit will be created for the attacking tribe and the effects of wonders
    in that city will be negated.