Plasma Fighter V1

Improved Jet Fighter

  1. sman1975
    This mod adds the Plasma Fighter, an improved version of the Jet Fighter:

    1. Combat Strength: 105
    2. Range/Intercept Range: 20
    3. Significantly improved against SAMs
    4. Significant damage reduction from all sources

    Requires 1 Aluminum and Uranium

    upload_2018-4-3_14-56-46.jpeg upload_2018-4-3_14-56-59.jpeg upload_2018-4-3_14-57-12.jpeg upload_2018-4-3_14-57-27.jpeg

    Uses a modified version of the GDR's "railgun" combat animation.

    Discussion thread:

    Acknowledgements: The icon/model for this unit originally came from Bouncymischa's Future Worlds mod.