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Play as Bulgarian mod (Civ1 474.05) Civ1 474.05

Civ Bulgarian version 474.05 v1
also known as Civ-BG, Civ-Bulgarian, Civ-Sweden, Civ-Tatar, Civ-Joseon, Civ-Mayan, Civ-American Indian

This is Civilization1's mod., based on japon's mod. from Ifrit9 of civ1,
where wonders have japon names, so I changed them further:

Kentoushi -> Pandora.s Box (the game still call it Great Library, and gives devastation if destroyed)
Sony Corp.-> Great Dam
Nec Corp. -> OpenAI
Meiji Reform -> Major Reform
Julianna's -> Cure for cancer (name restored)
Daibutsu -> Colossus (name restored)
Taika Reform -> Pyramids (name restored)

also, I preserve Japon(Rome) and Ainu(Zulu) tribes,
and created some new tribes:
Bulgarian, instead of English
Bsfor, instead of Greek (Bosporan Kingdom, not existing nowadays)
Vizanti, instead of Russian (not existing nowadays, Vizantia was the eastern roman empire)
Tatar, instead of Mongol
Sweden, instead of American
Indian - restored name, but now they are american indians.
China - restored name, new capital (Changan) and towns.
German - restored name, new capital (Aahen) and towns.
Muslim, instead of Babylonian
Pharaone, instead of Egypt
Mayan, instead of Aztec
Joseon, instead of French (old korean name, although in japon version koreans are barbarians)

Other differences are the absence of quiz, and absence of arctic and antarctic regions.
You may replace the file STORY.TXT with bulgarian translated story, or preserve the one from the game.

Gameplay: The strategy in the game should be ASAP development of Navigation,
because both wonders - Pandora's Box (Great Library) and Ming Fleet Expedition (Magellan Expedition)
depend on development of Navigation, and is great if you can built both of them,
while development of Literacy is not so essential, like in the original game.

The mod. is made with freeware windows hex editor, ImHex 1.28.0 by Werwolv,
but before that, CIV.EXE 474.05 is manupulated with JCivEd.

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