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Play as Portugal (Civ 6 Brazil) V1.0Beta

João VI as second leader of Brazil, grand father of Pedro II.

  1. Play as Portugal (Civ 6 Brazil) V1.0Beta

    Used Joao II of my Portugal CIV 6 to create Joao VI :) Now is working!

    With Botafogo and Bairro Alto as Leader Features :)

    Still Beta, Enjoy :D
  2. Play as Portugal (Brazil) (v0.3)

    I cant use Joao VI as second leader of Brazil yet, so I substituted Pedro with João VI again, now with new leader trait equal to holy roman one and also ally of enkidu agenda like.

    Still beta, let me know if runs well. Thanks.
  3. Play as Portugal (Brazil) (v0.2)

    João VI as Second leader of Portugal(Brazil) with agenda equal to Ally of Enkidu and same leader bonus like Pedro II, his grandson.