Play The World (Earth 128*80) 1.2.2

True-start location Earth with Real Map Labels and real resource placement

  1. totalslacker
    True-start location Earth with Real Map Labels and real resource placement. Works with all game versions and DLC, up to New Frontier.
    Compatible with the Natural Wonder Selector, Dams, Disasters, Global Warming, Melting Sea Ice, Ley Lines, and Real City Names.


    Earth (128*80)
    • Europe has been upscaled for better gameplay
    • Resources are placed using the map generator options
    • Real Map Labels
    • Real City Names
    • Enormous Size (128*80)

    Equal Area Earth
    • Based on the Hobo-Dyer map projection for real continent sizes
    • Resources are imported for manual placement
    • Real Map Labels
    • Real City Names
    • Enormous Size (128*80)

    • Supports all Civilizations and Natural Wonders
    • Compatible with the Natural Wonder Selection screen
    • Real world random resource placement using Resource Exclusion Zones and Civilization Exclusive Resource options (Earth 128*80 only)
    • Real world resources placed by hand using the Import Resources option (Equal Area Earth only)
    • Random Sea Ice generation, Ice Melting with Global Warming, and all working Natural Disasters (Gathering Storm)
    • Dynamic starting locations for City-States, with the option for random TSL if their starting locations are unavailable
    • Supports the maximum number of players with YNAMP (60 players)
    • Full control over map options, with the ability to randomize settings
    • Supports New Frontier, Gathering Storm, Rise & Fall, the base game and all DLC
    • Supports Ley Lines with Secret Societies mode
    Map Options
    • Resource Exclusion Zones:
      Semi-random real world resource placement. Resources are placed in regions based on where they appear in the real world
    • Civilization Requested Resources:
      Place extra resources specific to each Civilization, such as those needed for Unique Units
    • Ley Lines In Capitals:
      Place Ley Lines in every capital when using Secret Societies mode
    • Convert Maize in Americas:
      Convert all Wheat resources in the Americas to Maize
    • Real City Names:
      Cities are renamed based on their geographic location. Features Civilization Specific names and Native Only names
    • Real Map Labels:
      Map labels are changed to their real names. Does not affect the tooltip panel. Minor seas and major river labels are optional and can be turned off from MapLabelManager.lua. Requires Gathering Storm
    • Default mod location: ..\Steam\steamapps\workshop\content\289070\2242698031
    • Uses a custom version of AssignStartingPlots.lua from YNAMP. Compatible with all YNAMP maps, will not affect other maps. May not be compatible with other mods that replace AssignStartingPlots.lua.
    • Real Map Labels option uses a custom version of MapLabelManager.lua from the Gathering Storm UI scripts. Load order set to 1 for compatibility with other mods that may change this file. The map labels are all sourced from the games files, based on the LocalizedText, and are compatible with all languages. Does not affect map labels on other maps.
    • Compatible with Resource placement rules and Loyalty changes from the TSL Earth Remastered mod, such as Loyal Capitals
    Known Issues
    • Invisible Borders, Cities and Units:
      When using more than the default maximum number of players for the game, the game may run out of default jersey colors for all players. Use a jersey mod like Prismatic to resolve the issue
    • No Pantheon and Unable to Finish Turn:
      When using more than the default maximum number of players for the game, there may be no pantheons left for the player to choose. Download a mod that adds more pantheons for future games, and reload an earlier save before pantheons run out for the current game
    • Players lose their capital to loyalty pressure early in the game:
      Use the Loyal Capitals or TSL Earth Remastered mods for the permanent capital loyalty effect when all Civilizations are in play in Europe and other crowded areas


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