Play Your Custom Maps 1.1

Allows you to play the maps you make in WorldBuilder

  1. kantorr
    This mod adds a new Ruleset in Single Player and Multiplayer to play your custom made maps. The ruleset button is in the upper right corner of the Advanced game setup menu as indicated in the picture.

    Check out my WorldBuilder Templates mod to reduce the click intensive nature of the WorldBuilder.

    Your saved WorldBuilder maps will appear in Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's CivilizationVI/Saves/WorldBuilder/YOURMAPHERE.Civ6Map

    Copy your map and place it in the directory Program Files or Program Files(x86)/Steam/steamapps/workshop/content/289070/876864462/Maps with the filename CustomMap.Civ6Map.

    The custom map will appear in the map type dropdown after selecting the Custom Map ruleset during game setup.

    -----TO ADD MORE MAPS-----
    I have commented out instructions in the CustomMap.modinfo file. The CustomMap.modinfo file is in the same directory as the Maps folder. Open it with Notepad.

    The directions are fairly simple. Copy and paste a new <Map id></Map> section and change the Name, Description, and File to the appropriate values. Ensure your new map is in the same Maps folder as the default CustomMap.Civ6Map. Then you need to scroll down to the <Files></Files> section of the modinfo and add a new <File></File> to the list. This line should be the EXACT same as the <File></File> in the new Map section you just created. Save and restart the game and enjoy.

    Open this file with notepad: Documents/My Games/Sid Meier's Civilization VI/AppOptions.txt
    The 7th from the bottom option is EnableWorldBuilder, set this to 1.
    Also set the option EnableTuner to 1, it is in the middle of the file. Save.
    Launch Civ VI
    Go to the Additional Content menu
    In the upper right is the WorldBuilder button

    If the WorldBuilder does not appear follow these steps for a different method:
    Download the Civ VI development tools:
    In Steam Click on the Library button, in the dropdown select Tools.
    Right click and Install the Sid Meier's Civilization VI Development Tools.
    After downloading, right click and Play Game.
    Click on FireTuner.
    Start Civ VI.
    Go to the Additional Content screen.
    In the FireTuner console, on the top left side blank dropdown menu select Mods. Either Mods will work if there are two.
    In the black text box at the bottom of the screen type OnWorldBuilder() and press enter.
    Now your Civ VI screen should show New Map Load Map Back. You are in WorldBuilder, congratulations. You can set up the map like you would a normal map and then start the "game". It will automatically start in WorldBuilder mode.

    If the FireTuner does not have any options in the dropdown menu, or this doesn't work, your FireTuner is not connected to Civ VI. Ensure both the dev tools and civ VI are on the same hard drive and enableTuner is 1.

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