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Plot's Roads and Movement 1.02

Improved roads and movement scaled to unit era

  1. PlotinusRedux
    Plot's Roads and Movement v1.01


    - Builders construct roads.
    - Builders cost does not increase.
    - Roads are more effective.
    - Modern and later units get 50% movement bonus for land, 100% movement bonus for sea and air.


    The 1 UPT rule combined with nerfs to movement and roads compared to previous Civ versions makes wars and even basic movement interminably slow and painful.

    The road nerfs in particular remove an important tactical element of the game--sending workers with your army to build roads as they go. Historically, Rome built its road network primarily to enhance the movement of its legions--but the vanilla classical roads do *nothing* on 1 movement point tiles.

    So, first this mod buffs roads. Since military engineers come fairly late, builders now construct roads. Since this means buying a lot more builders, builders' costs' no longer scale with the number bought.

    Late game units are generally stuck with the same movement points as their ancient versions. A tank blitzkrieg is brought to a halt by a hill. End-game naval units, which can't even use the pathetic roads, crawl across the map like they're still using oars and sails. And end game bombers that should be able to strike across continents can barely cover the distance between a few cities.

    So, secondly, the movement points of modern and later era units are buffed by 50% for land units and 100% for air and sea units.

    The bonus is applied based on the era of the tech or civic required to produce each unit, so should be compatible with mods that add new units.

    Road Effects
    Ancient     1/2 movement cost, supports bridges
    Classical   1/2 movement cost
    Industrial  1/4 movement cost
    Modern      1/8 movement cost
    Unit movement changes
    Changed Unit Movement     Old     New
    ------------------------  ---     ---
    UNIT_ANTIAIR_GUN          2       3
    UNIT_ARTILLERY            2       3
    UNIT_AT_CREW              2       3
    UNIT_INFANTRY             2       3
    UNIT_MACHINE_GUN          2       3
    UNIT_MOBILE_SAM           2       3
    UNIT_MODERN_AT            2       3
    UNIT_ROCKET_ARTILLERY     2       3
    UNIT_AIRCRAFT_CARRIER     3       6
    UNIT_BIPLANE              3       6
    UNIT_GERMAN_UBOAT         3       6
    UNIT_HELICOPTER           4       6
    UNIT_MODERN_ARMOR         4       6
    UNIT_NATURALIST           4       6
    UNIT_SUBMARINE            3       6
    UNIT_TANK                 4       6
    UNIT_DESTROYER            4       8
    UNIT_FIGHTER              4       8
    UNIT_MISSILE_CRUISER      4       8
    UNIT_BATTLESHIP           5       10
    UNIT_JET_FIGHTER          5       10
    UNIT_AMERICAN_P51         6       12
    UNIT_BOMBER               10      20
    UNIT_JET_BOMBER           15      30

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