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Pluto Rising 1.003

Pluto Rising

  1. PlutonianEmpire

    Pluto Rising

    By PlutonianEmpire
    Contact: plutonianempire@gmail.com

    (Edit: Forgot to include the updated ToTPP ini. It is here: https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/pluto-rising-officially-released.570994/#post-15647250)

    Version: 1.003

    ---- Plot: In 2020, a mysterious island has slowly appeared in the South Atlantic, on
    the tropic of Capricorn. It is bizarelly frozen at all hours, 365 days a year,
    defying all logic and scientific explanation. On December 22, 2019, the Island,
    built up from several years of unprecedented volcanic activity on the South Atlantic
    tectonic ridge, became engulfed in a massive area of freezing fog for almost ten
    days. When the first time zone entered the New Year in the Pacific, the fog
    cleared, revealing the islands new, permanently snow-covered state. And three
    mysterious cities.

    On New Year's day, the three cities hijacked all global television
    communications, and declared themselves the founding cities of a new nation state:
    The United Planets of the Plutonian Empire. For two weeks, nations of the world
    refused to acknowledge its existence, or establish formal ties. This reluctance,
    however, would be as short-lived as the world's ignorance of the existence of
    magical forces in this universe....

    ---- As Leader of a single playable tribe, you can either sit back, play
    isolationist, or be more aggressive and battle the AI to take multiple alien worlds
    for yourself as soon as possible. There is no specific goal, as the scenario is
    meant to be open ended. I have tried to inject some humour here and there.
    I hope you'll like it! :)

    ---- Installation:

    Pluto Rising **requires** the "Test of Time Patch Project" by TheNamelessOne,
    so I have included a totpp.ini file to be able to use the settings I use.

    The latest version, which I use, is 0.14.1, located here:

    To install, copy totpp.ini to your MAIN Test of Time folder, overwriting the
    old one. Make a back up copy of the old ini file first, please! If you do not
    already have the Test of Time Patch, please install it now.

    Next, copy the PlutoRising folder to your MAIN test of time folder. That's
    it! Happy playing! :)


    1. tmp_4436_plutorising3_1093297476_49P.png
    2. tmp_4436_plutorising2_1716273170_0aF.png
    3. tmp_4436_plutorising11523183508_bPo.png
    4. tmp_4436_plutorising4343212935_0a8.png
    5. tmp_4436_plutorising5_1864826571_5Oz.png
    6. tmp_28239-pluto_rising_mpls_star_tribune_civ2cfc1-352303663.png

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